Otter updates

If you are insomniac you can totally raise a baby.

These creatures are nocturnal.

Papa otter asked me if I m getting sleep at night and I said yea..

Later I realized it’s not night when I’m sleeping, I sleep after 6 am!!

My night starts at morning.

Then mama otter doesn’t bother me till next afternoon.

In the middle I think I do change 1 or 2 more diapers in dream state.

She tells me to check her diaper and I get up and do everything in trance like auto-pilot mode.

I can literally change a diaper with closed eyes.

Today baby otter broke her own record of peeing. I was changing her diaper and the moment she was free from confines she peed again. When I was holding her feet in one hand and wiping her with another.. in panic and put my hand below her so technically I was trying to collect her pee in my hand to save my bedsheet..

This scene is going to haunt my dreams for ages.

But I failed..obviously.. there was a pool of pee below her and some splatters around her as she was moving a lot.

Oh I forgot to mentioned I had just washed her changing mat and it was drying.

I have ordered a few online..because of corona virus not going out..i really hope we get them soon or my whole bed…i can’t even imagine.

And then when I was washing her in the sink she peed again.

I was just looking at her wondering .. HOW BIG IS YOUR BLADDER!

No idea where is she holding this reserve.

I don’t know how after all of this I still love her madly. Feels like I love her more everyday.

Told my sis I will cut 2 holes in my laptop bag and take her with me to Dubai. She’s gonna love it.

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7 thoughts on “Otter updates

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  1. My insomnia did not return until Spook was around 7 and started sleeping through the night. By then, I think she’d programmed to wake up 6 times a night after only sleeping 45 minutes. Now she sleeps all night and I am a demented jack in the box, popping out of bed at all hours.

    Isn’t is awe inspiring how much you can love a little one so completely that not even being peed on can make you want to run away? Kind of brings out your warm and fuzzy side that you try to keep hidden so people don’t take advantage…But warm and fuzzy with a baby is a happy place. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I miss it now even if at the time I was so exhausted I wanted the older years. I was so stressed out, I didn’t properly enjoy each age and I will always regret that.
        But there’s hope for another baby. I may remarry and we all know men are like infants and need cared for 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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