Scary times

Dad doesn’t look ok.

We all are here. All of his kids and grandkids, he waits for this whole year and all he’s thinking about is corona virus. It’s on tv and his phone all the time.

He is getting dangerously obsessed. There are a hundred things.

But what’s worrying us is that he is showing his pre-manic symptoms.

And he is realizing this too but he is not willing to think or talk about anything else.

He is the one who is saying its same head ache. He has very low energy. Today he was singing too only time he sang in his whole life was when he had manic episode.

We don’t know what to do.

I tried to tell him about bigger problems like taxes, didn’t help..

We are already thinking what to do when things go out of control but I really hope that doesnt happen.

He just had appointment with his doctor few days back.

Since he is already on heavy medication I dont know what can be done if things get worse we might consider getting him hospitalized.

He is very attentive himself and keeping a track of his symptoms and he informing us in time and not letting anyone go anywhere.

Any ideas guys?

Anything we can do to divert his mind from covid-19 news?



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  1. I wish I had ideas but I am blank on this one for myself, as well. I’ve been binge watching news all day and it is terrifying. Have you considered taking away his phone and cutting off the tv? Removing the aggravating triggers can *sometimes* help divert a pre-manic episode and calm people down.

    Good luck.

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    1. His sources of news are his phone, tv and tab. All 3 can’t break at once. We tried to talk him out of it so that at least he doesnt watch such news before sleeping. He said it will make him worse he will be anxious. Cutting the source isn’t an option.


    1. He is not letting anyone go anyone. He did go to park for walk today for like 15 minutes. As our park isnt crowded. Maybe we can do soemthing about it like go with him because he wasn’t afraid of going to park that much. Thanks for the suggestion.
      He needs to be away from screen.


  2. As others have suggested, get outside, out of the mind, into the body, trees, sunlight, the open sky.
    In spite of everything you have been much happier since you returned to your family, not constantly thinking about yourself.

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  3. Don’t want to ‘like’ this, but want to show support in these trying times. People are so anxious everywhere. News reports are so scary. I try to limit listening to much of it. Wishing you and your family to be well. ❀


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