Bedtime ramble

How do you explain your family why are you on your laptop all the time.

I think I should mark amazon in my “friends and family” group everywhere as we interact a lot!!

Email them thrice today about 2 different issues.

And yes as per Amazon ubuy is not affiliated with Amazon and they can’t sell our book. So please guys do your due diligence and take action accordingly.

I spend 2 years on my book its devastating to see it on random website, the second time…

Now I have 1000 and 1 services/websites to fight with.. tough life guys.

If you are considering self-publishing.. you need shiton of perseverance.

Every minute brings a new problem.

I pushed the publish button yesterday, now waiting for the metadata to sync and driving amazon crazy.

My toddler niece is playing mind games with me. She is chucky only a million times prettier..well chucky wasnt pretty but you get the idea.

And the infant her head “toilet” is written on my forehead as I change her diapers.

And she is loyal to me her poop is less explosive when she is in my hands. She is a powerful pooper when she is in anyone else’s hands.

She loves me.

Then my sis sent me this..

And I knew icecream can magically help.. so I ate icecream at 2 am..felt a bit better or maybe I’m just done for today..

That’s literally me, just shift whole schedule 5 hours forward..

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