Rollercoaster Ramble!

O My GOD!! My books finally got linked *shedding tears of joy*

It took 3 days and various attempts to link the 2 versions.

I pushed the publish button 3 days back but I was waiting for versions to link before an official announcement.

1 little tragedy.. my folks in UAE & Pakistan can’t buy it, not even paperback version. And I don’t think even I can buy my own paperback.

Maybe will switch to other options. Maybe will deliver it in some other country and then will deliver it to myself or use any other marketplace of amazon. Haven’t explored those options.

I saw blog friends making their books available for free, so that people have their books to get through this time.

I am interring to do so for my ebook I will have to look into options if I can do it without enrolling into KDP select.

Things are taking longer time than usual. Metadata still hasn’t synced properly.


Just had a movie night with youngest monkey and chucky. All the time we were praying she doesn’t learn any word or doesn’t remember much.

It’s an Indian movie “queen” we all love it. Very relatable.

And oh. Otter went back to her home. Had a deep cleaning session, I would randomly wind little specks of poop..not even kidding. My bed will never be the same.

I have written this whole post in reverse.

One thing that saddens me but it was necessary. We are finally having lockdown here. Karachi is called city of lights and it’s an extremely busy lively crazy city.. that’s the reason they had to take such measures.

I really pray this pandemic is over soon. Ameen.

Again. Please take care of people around you. We don’t realize how hard it is for some people to made the ends meet and if they lose job for one day, they literally lose basic necessities.

Please be kind and generous. It’s a test and we don’t want to fail. It’s test of humanity.

And oh I found these babies..


Guess I will be having violent fits of creativity soon.

Life’s fine 🙂

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