New Parents in Self-isolation

Been doing voice calls the moment I wake up, to see my baby otter.

Me: Where is my baby otter

Mama otter shifted the camera to focus on baby who looks already weaker in 2 days (am I not thinking like a grandma?)

Me: Does she like it there? Did she cry? Who is changing her diapers?

Mama Otter: she is fine but crying al…

Me: Where did you keep her? Why was she crying? I told you she likes cuddling, cuddle her she will be fine? You didn’t cuddle enough right?

Mama Otter: Her diaper exploded again and it leaked and bedsheet was a mess?

Me: Who washed her?

Mama Otter: I did

Papa Otter in background: But I washed the clothes and sheet, tell her I washed clothes.

Mama Otter: Yea he washed her clothes

Papa Otter: Tell her I’m helping!!

Mama Otter: Yea we bathed her too.

Me : Aw..but..again??

Mama Otter: Because he was getting bored..

So, apparently parents are giving extra bath to their babies to kill boredom.. God help babies..


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7 thoughts on “New Parents in Self-isolation

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  1. Baths have always made Spook unhappy unless she could just play and not be washed. So no extra baths from me, but I did kind of go hermit after she was born and let her head (soft spot) get dented in from sleeping in a bouncer seat instead of her crib. I just wanted her happy and quiet.

    Her soft spot grew in and her head is perfectly shaped now so it all worked out in the end. Except for when I laugh at her babyhood diaper explosions ending up her back and into her hair. I am apparently an uncool parent for mentioning that.

    One day when she has to clean it up…she will get it. 😉

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  2. I’ve accelerated my blogging efforts over at blospot during the various “shelter in place” and “self-isolation” things going around. Among other ways of coping, I guess. Drinking coffee and watching the various govt agency briefings. I can’t relate much on the otter situation, but I did accidentally run-over a squirrel yesterday on a supply run. And before you call me an evil person, not I said it was an accident. The squirrel was clearly confused, dashing that way, then this way, and in the end he just like, got over in his own way. I also enjoy that you portray the traditional otter family structure, rather than having the tyke be a latch-key child, or the mom being a single-parent. Real life is hardly ever so perfect, I’ve observed, but nevertheless, the constant turmoil of a broken home wouldn’t make a good read, either. Like “the baby Otter found a gun in the gutter yesterday, on his way home from buying energy drinks down the street”. Our skirmish is for the future, for the otters and the trotters and all the others that share this strange course called Life with us……….. anyway, hope you are still quite well, Stoner.

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    1. OMG poor squirrel :(..but your description is funny.. i’m kinda having joker moment, crying and feeling sad at the same time.
      btw, baby otter is my new born niece.

      ahahahaah where is your novel? i guess i know where it is you must have told me.
      yea it’s an actually adorable family.
      but this could be an animated movie plot.

      I’m doing well. just busy with the book and family and..staring walls.

      and oh we all are having extra tea because what else do we do??

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