Quarantine Insomnia

“This is why dad calls you stoner” my sis said pointing finger at me.

When I was in bed all day, with red eyes, my laptop sitting on my stomach (i lift it occasionally to cool my belly) and a bad of snack on the floor next to me.

I got up to get more food and accidentally caught my glimpse in the mirror..i did look like a stoner..

I partly blame bad shampoo.. my hair is all over the place.. its more like a huge cloud or nest. Well..

I was fixing everything for paperback release and first free book promotion that’s going to happen this weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Guy self-publishing is hard labour I swear!

Once I am done I will share my checklist with you all.

So I sent email marketing campaign to everyone who allowed me to. It must be in your promotions or spam if you don’t see it in inbox.

So far open rate is not bad.

Posting on social media isn’t that easy for me I’m not that social media savvy so it requires work.

Then all the news about covid19… China sent us aid in form of masks etc. and somebody posted their team said we are going to be hit badly in 10 says. Cases are going to multiply like crazy, it’s concerning.

We are seriously practicing self-isolation.

Today my bro-in law came and it was like some radioactive matter came walking in. And he was cautious too.

In the middle of all of this, I just lost one of my closest friend. I don’t think we will ever be talking again. And even imagining it is painful.

I will be trying to promote the book until monday.

And oh if you have kindle unlimited you can already read it for free, it’s enrolled in KDP select.

If you can’t access it and need any help just ask.

Next few days already already look crazy to me.

It’s around 4 am and half of the family can’t sleep.

And I can see why.

I just hope this ends soon.


My debut poetry collection “Swinging Sanity” is available in paperback now!

ss ebook 2020 small

Considering the circumstances, ebook of Swinging Sanity will available for FREE on Saturday 28th March and Sunday 29th March.

  instagram-icon_1057-2227    download

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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