Gut-wrenching situation

Having a total meltdown here.

It’s been such a hard day. We got news my brother’s professor passed away due to covid19 in New York.

Then there were bad news pouring from everywhere and people are shitscared.

Today our maid came again. Even tho we paid her for the month and assured her she doesnt have to come she will be paid but she just got worried I guess. And she told us in her area kids are playing around like nothing has happened and there’s no concept of social distancing. We again assured her about her salary and told her to be careful for her family too, but she cant preach whole community.

With countless places like that in the country I can’t imagine what will happen when shit hits the fan.

Here we are in self isolation for days now, I guess for a week now at least. And it’s getting stressful even though we all have each other.

But our breaking point came with a sudden realization.

We have daily wagers…and then we have beggars. There are thousands of transgendered who beg on traffic signals. I have no clue where they are now!

Small kids who clean cars on the roads…

It hit us so suddenly I couldnt stop crying. Because now we have another problem.

How do we send them help??

They dont have bank acount. And noone can go out.

We have strictness on road and 12 hours curfew. Only one family member can leave home and only for work, basic grocery or medicine.

I don’t think people like that are going to be treated like humans in times like these.

There are a few friend who gather donation and sends food and essential bags.

People are sending funds, that’s not a problem now..but for how long?? And who can go out to send stuff to them??

It’s not even hit us completely now.

Can’t imagine what’s happening with homeless people.

It’s gut-wrenching!

Pray this pandemic ends soon.


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12 thoughts on “Gut-wrenching situation

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  1. My heart goes out to all of you. It is heart wrenching. If you figure out an answer, let me know, because we have the same problem here in certain places and thinking of the runaway kids, the homeless veterans, the people who simply fell on hard times and ended up living on the street…I fear they will be treated as ‘disposable’ and it makes me very angry. I’d love to find a way to help, least our lockdown isn’t that severe (yet).

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    1. Untill few days back we were donating to people who have teams of volunteers and they knew where to find people and how to send stuff to them. But right now idk what’s gonna happen. Its 5 am here again couldnt sleep. We have turned nocturnal.
      Maybe one volunteer can go in a truck or something and place at the doorstep but what if there are no doors.. we will see tomorow what our friends are doing about it.

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  2. You need to set up a food bank where homeless people can receive food via an intercom and a chute from indoors to out so no touching. It could also be used to dispense medicine or clothes.


    1. hmm.. i will discuss it with rest of the fam.
      a few friends have teams of quite sensible people, we are working on it with them. but the question arises for how many people and for how long.
      dad said govt. is taking initiatives too..
      i just home it’s over soon the whole situation is just tragic.


  3. We have a problem here because people are allowed out for exercise, so they all went to parks and beaches and got too close. Now we are in lockdown. People don’t understand , they seem to think they are untouchable by the virus.
    By the way your maid needs to keep her distance so she doesn’t bring anything into the house. Stay safe xxxx

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    1. We told her she doesn’t have to come, she can come to collect her salary otherwise she doesn’t have too.
      yea some people here don’t understand but no-one is allowed to go anywhere now. we haven’t left home for last week.
      You too xoxo


  4. You seem to be letting anxiety creep in. Just be aware of your mental state. Try to focus on the family unit, those closest, and I know that isn’t a prescription for beating anxiety, but can keep your focus off things like the death statistics and so forth that are being broadcast on the news. That said, now and then it almost gets to me, too. Stay sane, my friend. The situation here is overnight curfew plus a “recommendation” not to do recreational travel. In the county’s 33000 people, we just got our second and third infected, so its here, whether we like it or not. Anyway, I had a great time with my young cousins yesterday; I’m kind of their punching bag. Remember what I told you, that after spending time with them, all my cares were gone away. It’s a great tonic for keeping one’s sanity, spending time, just having like “play time”. Be well, Stoney-Bean, and be good to yourself during this strange time.

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    1. i’m trying to keep myself busy. giving away free ebook sat and sun. so promoting it literally everywhere..
      but i can’t shrug it off from my mind, it’s in our faces. with every call/news things are just getting worse.
      i do have my toddler niece here but this one is just attacking me all the time lol.

      you take care of yourself too.

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  5. awwww my heart goes out to those who are on th streets and who have fallen on hard times, this has got to be so tough for them, I wish I could do something, its hard to be in a vulnerable place. xxx


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