NaPoWriMo, here I come!!

Let me kick off this year’s NaPoWriMo with a silly poem

Wanted to make almond butter
Ended up burning machine
My life in quarantine..
….my life in quarantine…

yea.. that happened!

Since snacking has been common coping mechanism, I thought maybe look into healthy option.

There was a big jar of almond at home and was victim of severe neglect so I thought maybe turning it hot and attractive will get her some respect, like in movies.

Only problem.. I let my brother participate.

We roasted almond and started blending them.

I was giving it a few pauses because I’m aware of the potential disaster.

When it was done we tasted it and agreed it’s delicious.


This idiot started arguing that we should blend it more.

I told him look it’s going to burn.

But he said he blends shakes and leaves the button pressed for 30 minutes…I was telling him that’s not possible.

So we were busy fighting when another sibling entered the frame and started yelling at us .. because same part of blender burned and broke.

The base of the jug, just beneath the blade burned completely, and there were threads of plastic in the butter.

So, now we have one more machine (with washing machine) in to-be-fixed-after-quarantine side of the kitchen.

Oh, btw NaPoWriMo started today. Will try to keep up with that. Looking forward to see your guys participating. It’s going to be a fun diversion.


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