Movie nights with baby sister

Today I watched “what about bob” third time, with my sis. We have been having movie night for last 3 nights.

(On a side note, Ramadan is going to begin soon so we are stuffing ourselves with food and sins)

So, 3 days back she suddenly tells me “decide what movie we are watching tonight”

My first reaction? jumping up in excitement and violently looking for family friendly comedies.

So far we are watching movies that I have already seen and approved as family movies, because if suddenly one of the characters decide they urgently need to make love, I might just throw the laptop and lock myself in the bathroom.

And oh, by family friendly I mean movies I can watch with my sis.

I chose murder mystery for first night, then game night, then what about bob.

The very first night I realized how delusional I’m about my siblings ages.

2 minutes into the movie I was wondering is she old enough enough to watch it.

A memory flashed before my eyes. She must be between 7 to 10 years old. It was just both of us and we were watching tv when I caught the horror movie “ring” while surfing channels. I stopped but didn’t tell her it’s a horror movie.

And then suddenly that scene came where camera zoomed on the little girls eye and face. I looked away instinctively. And when I looked at her she was staring at screen in shock.

Dont worry, she has no memory of that. I asked her she doesn’t remember. And I didn’t continue to watch it so she probably forgot.

But today .. I was thinking like..

Should I forward kisses?

What about curses and inappropriate language and any mention of any body parts..what do I do?

Is she old enough to hear and see all of that?

Then I would tell myself..idiot she is in college!!

It’s such a lovely break from all this confusion.

Us, movies and snacks (that only I have, she is on a diet)

I remember her through all her ages. I remember as a baby then toddler and so on.

But in my head she stopped aging after 10. And I don’t think I can change that.

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    1. Actually she is the youngest 🙂 and I again asked her if she remembers about the ring scene..she had no clue. But then she asked how I brought her back to normal and I was like…don’t remmeber maybe switched to cartoon or something. She must be not older than 8 at that time.


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