Rainbow on Volcanic Eruption

Oh God the joy of your own laptop.. it’s priceless guys!

Few weeks back something went wrong with the charger of my macbook. Now it took me little time to figure out it was something wrong with the cable. type-C cable precisely, literally special snowflakes of all the cables in the world!

So I put my little baby and its umbilical cord aside and sank into dark demented world of laptop-less souls.

Few days back my bro asked for charger to get it repaired or buy a new one, as he thought maybe he can escape the exile or he will find a shop that would be helpful.

And how wrong could he be. He was back in 2 minutes as everything was closed.

But he forgot charger in the car.

Today my grief hit another limit as I got to know I might not be able to find a job anytime soon and I kinda miss Dubai.

I asked him for the charged and he brought it from the car. It was hot as it’s been sun tanning for days.

I thought its flesh and bones must have melted by now.

But then I took a chance and plugged it to the charger



It started charging.

Karachi’s heat kicked its ass like.. get up asshole that’s now how things are done here. Our chargers work decades even when they look they just survived a battle. They are soldiers!

So yea.

In the times like these, such surprises are like rainbow on the volcanic eruption.

I’m so happy.

My fingers missed these keys.

You don’t truly value something until you fear losing it.

And now we begin the editing of book 2!!


Image Credit: https://giphy.com/gifs/love-happy-night-xT0xeK6Zj6CU5479mw

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