Playing with animations

Joining instagram has been a wake up call for me.

I realized how pretty and perfect everyone on the planet earth is. But my people tell me it’s makeup, lights and filters.

But then I saw pictures some people post. Actually I was posting my book review and then I saw other reviews and I was like… my pic is an ugly potato too..

So, I got inspired and found these new (only to me) options to amp up your pictures.

How’s it?

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Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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  1. Lurve it, beautiful!

    Also, keep in mind how often beautiful on the outside can mean ugly on the inside with people. ❤

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  2. This is wonderful! Personally I’m sick to death of all the ‘beautiful’ pictures of people. In real life 99.9% of them are as normal as you and me. Honestly it’s all out of control, but until everyone stops flattering them for their beauty, it will continue. Flattery for achievements is well-deserved … not for simply being able to use camera accessories. Rant over! Sorry! Katie x

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    1. No. Thanks for the rant because people have started to look so much alike it’s funny. Same eye brows same contour and all.. some times I get confused.
      And honestly I dont roam around my home THAT dolled up. But yea flattery is encouraging to them and this is not stopping any time sooner.

      As I was working as a marketer lately, influencers marketing alone has started to cause millions of loss to companies just because of false marketing. There was this whole well researched article about it highlighting this problem but what’s trending, sells!

      And then comes the difference between real life and social media life that instills insecurities in everyone who is browsing (I have them too at times)

      All of this is messed up. I’m working around keeping it clean. I have tried so far but its demoralizing when you see what gets real traffic.

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      1. Oh I’m so with you! I get frustrated by the amount of ‘tweeked’ pictures of the Kardashians … yes they’re beautiful and yes they’re rich, but now I wish they’d put their phenomenal influence to good use rather than focussing simply on surgically enhanced beauty with good makeup and great cameras. Clearly my rant has stayed with me overnight! Sorry! In truth I think we all feel a bit low and frustrated having seen yet another flawless photograph – bad mental health is an absolute killer to our lives! Lovely post and forgive my ranting but your words made so much sense to me! Katie x

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      2. No Katie, it’s not rant its a healthy discussion in my opinion.

        all night i was thinking it’s not even the word beautiful, thats subjective. It’s what people associate with perfect life and person. Perfect face, body and lifestyle. It’s unrealistic.

        We would be born out of a scanner if we meant to look the same. Yes, rich and famous have an opportunity to fix a lot in society the sad part, even their cosmetics is deceiving. The prime objective is making money, which i don’t mind but by deceiving people? that’s not even necessary.

        I totally appreciate healthy lifestyle, making money with your brains, effort and skill but don’t promote unrealistic standard.

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      3. Oooh yes! I so love this discussion and am so glad we’re on ‘the same page’. In many respects I’m glad I’m not a young kid growing up now … I think I’d probably get completely swept up in it.

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      4. Yes … somewhere along the line it all got out of hand. When I was a child we were seen and not heard (actually not even seen) … now it is every child’s right to make choices in many aspects of their lives. My childhood has had many a negative repercussion and personally I think the young children today will also have negative repercussions… just in opposite ways. Surely there must be some middle ground …

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      5. very well said. my mental health has a lot to do with my childhood and almost everyone’s childhood around me. mostly because of oppression and not been given a chance to speak up. it’s like we harboured every negative emotion just because we were too scared to make a mistake. Now.. idk..
        Partly I think what we went through make us give too much independence to next generation, actually we let them drift away and some times they get lost.
        but honestly I still think they will have more stable, more clear mentality as subjects that were considered taboo are at least talked about.

        Middle ground, I don’t really know. I could never find a perfect middle ground ever so idk what that even feels like.

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      6. Yup … I’m with you. I like the idea of some middle ground … a bit of balance perhaps. But I don’t know either. I’ve never found that balance in my life. I’m either one extreme or the other! Certainly not vanilla, that’s for sure.

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      7. Golly, we have some real similarities! I went off the rails a long time ago and then tried so hard to fit in too. I didn’t enjoy either phase at all. And the worse part when I was trying to fit in, was that I felt like a fraud, like someone was going to find me out. I think I was pretty angry too … angry at the world! God I sound like I was a real mess, and it probably wasn’t so bad … I just had nobody to turn to so I was struggling on my own with two tiny kids for years! I just hope that they turn out ok … they seem to be but I worry. Thanks for listening. K

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      8. when we try to fit in wear a mask it starts to burn us. I spent a long phase struggling to satisfy everyone, I ignore myself to a point where people were shocked to see me. i was just focusing on being what people wanted me to me. and then one day i snapped.
        and then i ended up here.
        I feel like a fraud here sometimes as I dont reveal my real details, but at least i get to breathe. i get to be what i want to be, say what i feel, a place where you can express yourself is such a blessing. I don’t mix my lives as I keep fearing everything will be over.

        i can’t imagine what it would be with 2 kids.. that’s alot. but I’m sure you are doing your best and will bring out the best in them.
        Worrying is fine. You are a mother 🙂

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  3. One of my favorite songs is by Alessia Cara “Scars to Your Beautiful.” In the song (and video) she really hits on how we are made to feel inadequate because we don’t necessarily conform to what society considers”beautiful.” I like when she says “you’re beautiful just the way you are” This is so true. Too many people photo-shop. Beauty is so much more than outward appearances. Some of the ugliest people I’ve ever met were “beautiful” on the outside but just plain nasty on the inside. I love your artwork. It’s incredible!

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    1. Thanks for appriciating artwork.

      You are right. It’s all about inner beauty but honestly when world start to judge they begin with the wrapper than contents. That’s just how it is.

      And yea current standard feel like they are set to make anyone inadequate. They level of fake is high up there, it’s almost unnatural. That’s not how I look like when I’m in kitchen or bed. But all of that sells!

      Everytime I start to monetize blogging I realise I can’t compete with all of that.

      And yes if someone is ugly inside.. some day it’s starts to show on the surface too.

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  4. Wow! Those are amazing 😊 I’m sure your normal picture is beautiful too – don’t compare yourself to others! Most of the pictures have been edited anyway! You’re beautiful just the way you are 💕

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