One day at a time

Sometimes you need someone to read out your life story to you.

I have been down, demoralized and disturbed by current situation, just like everyone else. Even though I had far less reasons to feel that way as compared to the most.

Can’t deny the blessings, but how do we console our mind?

Then I talked to unicorn (my close friend) and she did what she does best; read excerpts of my own story to me.

We made a list of thing I have done in lock-down and surprisingly they were many.

I have already read more books than I read whole last year.

I published my paper back version.

Started 2nd book.

Working on little skills like editing and social media. Etc etc..

I strong wave of regret and fear has been hitting me everyday. Regret for all the precious time that got wasted because of circumstances that weren’t my fault.

And fear of losing more time.

Then she said have a conversation with yourself everyday. From the time you think your life slipped out of your hand till now. Compare your whole life and you will see you have only achieved. Maybe not in the way you planned but there has been growth you didn’t expect to happen.

And she was right. Hard to digest because things didn’t go by my plans and dreams. But doesn’t mean my life got wasted.

It’s still hard to keep your mind on a constant positive track you keep losing your footing.

But if you take one step at a time. One day at a time. One little thing you wanted to do or learn or just enjoy. I have a feeling we won’t be begetting this time horribly.

I’m addicted to this thing…

my next venture..

Take a deep breath guys.

History has proved we have seen calamities but every-time even if our lives were bulldozed to ground by fate… we rose up and started building all over again.

Have a great day!

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