Don’t be a punching bag!

We are in last phase of ramadan and Eid is just 2 3 days away (depending on lunar calendar)

This month is already a test as we are fasting, this time there was a little 3 (cube) on it, thanks to pandemic.

I know everyone is running out of patience. But I see some people being unreasonably mean. There’s no background story, nothing at all and they suddenly throw something at the weakest person in the room just to cool down their own frustration a little.

Now to the apparently weakest person in the room, speak up!

Ask them what’s the matter or they will do this again and again untill this become a habit.

You are not the weakest person. You are kind. You are not an a******! You know hurting people is wrong.

All of this makes you a bigger better person. But don’t allow anyone to bully you just because you are nice.

As them politely first, in a soft but firm tone “why did you say/do that?” Or “what do you mean by that?” “Sorry, I didn’t hear/understand you”, in front of the same crowd.

80% of the times they will stop and realize they did something wrong and you are not their personal punching bag.

Do not laugh! Don’t let them make a joke of you.

Do not be catty either. Fight but stay put and stay graceful.

I have learned something, a soft but firm tone is a killer weapon against people who are trying to being you down.

At some point ignoring them is the best policy, especially when you probably will never see them again and they don’t know you. And you don’t have time and energy.

It’s better to move on, unless it’s taking a toll on your mental health. In that case, follow the suggestions above.

If you still feel restless about people being rude, talk to someone. It’s never a bad idea to talk to an understanding friend or anyone you are comfortable with.

You mind rules you. If something is stuck there, it will damage the whole system.

Don’t harbor negativity and let it me a festering wound.


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20 thoughts on “Don’t be a punching bag!

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  1. I ask bullies “Do you feel stronger now that you’ve tried to make me feel weak?” It stuns a bully. Usually bullies have a very low self-image and they want to elevate themselves by dominating others. I read a book entitled “Living Successfully with Screwed-up People” written by Elizabeth B. Brown. She offers some solid advice about the mentality of people who like to control, bully, and manipulate others. She has strategies for coping, as well. Essentially, she says that we all have a right to live free from abuse and that we have to speak up in our defense or else the abuse will just get worse and worse. Stop abuse at the start of it. Be strong and immediately stop abuse. It is not about shouting and returning harshness with harshness, but rather it is about demanding to be respected.

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    1. I need that book!
      I agree with everything you said. I keep telling my friends and younger siblings you have to put a stop in the beginning, the very first time in fact or people keep getting worse.
      sorry I missed a lot of comments. so catching up now.
      I know for the fact people who try to demean other’s have a very low self-image and inferiority complex, this is their defence mechanism. I might write a post on it soon


      1. I worry that sometimes bullies might realize that the suffering they inflict does last a lifetime.That’s a frightening thought that someone would take pleasure in hurting others. All we can do is know our worth and to call out bullies when they direct their hurtful words towards us. Knowing our worth is vital to standing up to bullies. Nobody should ever be the target of bullies. Nobody. We all have value and worth.

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      2. That’s so scary. if they do it on purpose and they know the ever-lasting impact it’s worse. you are right.

        And yes. It’s really really hard to stand up for yourself at times but it is important because nobody else can take you out of a situation. people can help you but you have to take the decision.
        Acknowledging your self-worth saves you from further potential damage.

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