2020 what’s wrong with you!

Few days back Dad told me to order eid dresses for my nieces. Suddenly he was like ok everything is going bad but no harm in celebrating eid in lockdown.

We quickly ordered dresses and stuff online and were a little excited for eid this time.

Honestly adulthood erodes excitement element of festivities and every-time it’s about organizing a few dinners and survive the day.

This time we all are together so there was some hope of little bit of joy in the middle of pandemic.

Then today I realized I have lost a pair of shoes that were a beloved possession of mine, as I really have few pairs and I’m very picky shopper.

I am somebody who has cried over losing a pencil. So it was one of those moment.

Then came the bad news. A plane crashed on a residential area in my city, aprox 20 minutes drive away from my home.

It didn’t hit as a bullet. We saw it on news and went in a state of shock and denial.

Like our minds froze.

It crashed exactly 1 minute before landing, it was close to ground so we were thinking maybe they survived..

The plane was carrying 99 people (91 passengers and 8 crew members). It was last Friday of Ramadan so most of them must be fasting and they were coming to Karachi from Lahore.

We were staring at screen, pieces of unfortunate plane, homes and cars were engulfed in flames and smoke and volunteers army and neighbors running here and there in chaos to rescue anyone they can. And still we were saying.. no this can’t happen. It must be flying low. They should be alive…

..where’s my golden heels??

It took an hour or so for reality to start sinking.

And then we were just praying.. there was nothing anyone could do.

In the middle of a pandemic and fasting month, this happened!

These people would celebrate Eid after 2 days. Can’t even imagine the pain families are going through.

Then there is a distant relative who very much can be positive for covid, alone with her whole family and they aren’t even getting tested. They don’t even believe in corona virus they think it’s some conspiracy and inviting people to their home, it’s blowing my mind!

I don’t know what’s happening in the whole world there are deaths everywhere, corona or no corona.

Every other day I see someone losing a loved one on writing community on twitter. I even saw few sudden death of members.

2020 is turning into a global mess.

There’s locust attack on crops here, and if we lose crops too we could end up with food shortage.

Then there are floods in India and Bangladesh.

Corona is EVERYWHERE, consuming lives and leaving people confused.

If we open lockdown we might lose lives, if we stay closed economy will plummet.

Unemployment is skyrocketing, saturating few sectors that are still functional.

They opened lockdown here, and people went crazy. They are heading to malls for shopping in herds.

I don’t know what to think and what to say.

Just..2020, what’s wrong with you!

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