Broke Another Shell

So, I watched money heist.

Or honey heist?

Or horny heist..since its very very hormonal heist.

If you have seen it you would know..

Well. I don’t watch any series, since I have major deficiency of patience.

If I’m staring at screen following a story it has to end before I get up. That’s why I love movies.

But some time in last year I watched Sherlock and I loved it! surprise! Because every case would take an episode so it was still feasible.

But a clan member has been marketing money test to me as if he is going to get a commission if I watch it. And so were every Netflix chiller in my circle.

1 night, in the middle of the night, well actually far beyond middle, I heard his voice in my head “watch money heist, watch money heist”. This time I listened.

1 scene to 1 episode.

To 1 part…

In less than 4 days, yours truly gorged every fking episode available on Netflix.

All 4 parts!!

Can’t you believe that? Me neither.

What made me watch this show (besides constant pushing) was that MH Marketer told me 1 heist finishes in 2 parts, so I won’t be having anxiety about “what’s gonna happen next”


When I was at P4 Ep2, brother told me heist doesn’t end here and it’s to be continued..

I could hear I my heart shattering and I think I saw a tear in his eyes.

I though it was devastating, I couldn’t be more wrong.

The words devastated shone in it’s full glory when my favorite character died in coming episodes.


Growing up I have a done a lot of things I thought I would never do.

Watching a series where story doesn’t end in 1 episode, is one of them.

We break our shelf, shed our skin and keep building and breaking walls.

Our mental and physical confines look like concrete but sometimes they are like clouds. Just mist packed up. We can walk right through them when the time comes.

It was a much needed diversion. And a good one! (review, some other time)

Maybe someday I will break another shell and read harry potter too.


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