Self-publishing rant.

I dont known i just need to let it out.

Self published is wayy harder if you are in a country not supported by most kdp features.

You idea and manuscript is a tiny speck against a whole mountain of rest of the things.

Writing and editing is just the beginning of the hell you are going to face.

First of all you read everything on the whole fking website, every category every section every word to understand what you r supposed to do and how.

Meta data isn’t easy to get right, you need to do research to land into right categories.

Work to get the cover design, fonts, art everything right then try to align it with the template.

Then try to fit you manuscript in the book template.

Set pricing and everything else.

You marketing should start months before the publishing date. Do whatever it takes! Whatever is in your comfort zone.

We are indie authors no body knows us or our books. And most of us are introverts! Like how perfect could this be!

Then payment is another story.

You need to hit $100 threshold to get your first check..from every marketplace!! I hope I dont lose my teeth before that!

I tried my hands on borderless banking to. Didn’t work! Will share detail soon. I’m still in process of confirmation.

Me and Amazon exchange mails quite often. We are keyboard pals.

This is a constant war to keep the thing moving.

You leave everything and your book dies.

In the middle of this mess you brand new ideas keep bouncing in your head.

It can suddenly get overwhelming. I try to capture those ideas even if it’s a paragraph. Our creative juices dont flow 24/7.

But i couldn’t finish a single one after swinging sanity because it drains your energy trying to get everything right.

I stopped counting melt-downs.

I tell myself, ok you are learning it will be easier with 2nd book and eventually you will be on a comfortable spot on the learning curve.

But trust me, sometimes I doubt everything.

1 month back something happened and I couldnt find my own book on amazon. I felt something helplessly sank inside me. I took a break from blog as I was trying to process it.

My mind gave up on my.

It’s not an easy journey.

I just started my book about my experience with autoimmune, but I know it might take years!

Writing is a small step in the whole journey.

Sometimes I wonder why am I even doing this?

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18 thoughts on “Self-publishing rant.

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  1. Man…I ain’t even got started with the process, barely just started writing. Mostly I’ve been testing short stories on reddit and crap like that.

    If I do the self-publishing route, this gives me some insight into how that plays out. I’d rather know that now, so thanks.

    Good luck too, obviously.

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    1. Ok first of all didn’t mean to demotivated anyone.
      And if you are in US or any other market place mentioned by them on KDP website it will be a lot easier than this!
      And if you want to try you can first publish something smaller as a test.

      Don’t give up on it self-publishing has it’s perks but it does keep you on your toes.

      Thank you. I need luck. 🙂


  2. One word at a time… there will be rewrites and the delete button getting frequently used. The 2nd book I wrote was the hardest but is probably the best thing I’ve ever done, after that it got a little easier… keep going!

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  3. Ugh, publishing… the ugly side of the creation coin.. and I mean that only in part. I just find that the time I’d have to spend on publishing and marketing takes away from the time I spend creating… so, I choose that instead and whoever comes across what I do, is a bonus. I went through the process of self-publishing a book, to see if I could.. but I am not sure I’d bother again. But to each his/her own.. to some people, a large audience is important, not to others as much I suppose.. cheers!

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    1. I agree publishing takes away a huge chunk of time you could spend creating, but what if you really want to publish? it’s about priorities I guess. finding the right balance isn’t easy, sometime’s impossible and confusing.
      my first book didn’t do bad that’s why i’m motivated to pursue this journey further but yes there are a ton of obstacles. the day I decide I can’t take it anymore I will stop, but it hasn’t come yet 🙂


  4. I view writing as a labor of love. It’s hard, it is sporadic, but when it flows and you feel alive…that is where the strength to do the rest comes from.

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