Too broken to feel..

Life strikes you with a hammer and you suddenly crack open, breaking into two.

Then another blow breaks you further. And then hammer keeps shattering you into smaller pieces.

Some hits are so hard they shoot few fragments of your existence into oblivion.

The fragments you have lost forever, but their memories cling hard to your mind, that too, forever!

But the beating never stops.

With every hit you are splitting into hundreds and thousands of unfamiliar granules that further keep losing thier identity.

The pain that shot through you on the first strike behaves the same way untill it’s beyond recognition.

It’s there. But ground to millions of tiny pieces.

Like sand.

Today, something happened but I couldn’t feel it.

Something that would hurt me a hundred thrashes back, had lost its impact.

This time hammer sank right into me.

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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