Eternal Monotony

Title sounded like a philosophy is going to unravel inside but let me apologize in the prologue.

Philosophies and I share relationship that works on reciprocation and by now hilariously predictable. We both keep failing each other simultaneously.

Whenever I see a victory based on chance, my brain says “no chance” and my mind doesn’t recognize the language, it turns words into those cryptic symbols found on ancient tablets.

I always thought I’m a creative artistic soul so I’m not fit for anything remotely monotonous. Artists are impulsive and moody, art needs to happen to you, same goes with writing.

But guess what. That impulsive, creative, straight-from-mars original idea of yours need to be rigorously marketed to make a sale. Or even a free giveaway.

I don’t even believe myself writing it, because I know how I treat freebies (will get to this after 20th June)

This time my main focus is outside WordPress so you all can breathe, I’m not here to talk about that, but the monotony of filling 20 forms (so far) is mind numbing literally. And here by literally I mean literal literally!

I have sort of slid in autopilot mode finding websites, filling details, pretty much like data entry jobs I swore I will never do in life!

Food has lost potency as an anti-anxiety treatment. Food has become breathing, you eat all the time or you die. I’m just praying I won’t have to book 2 seat on the flight this time. Don’t want my flabby arms to squish random strangers.

Well, where were we?

I forgot, let’s wrap it up.

No matter how creative your venture might be, being humans we fall into monotony sooner than we anticipate in the beginning of the job.

After 2 days of the constant marketing attempt I realize I can’t let it be a JOB.

This is something I do out of passion, if I’m not enjoying it, what’s the point (unless I’m getting $$$ which I’m not).

So I came here to do what I enjoy, with ice-cream that’s slightly melting, but it was a re-refreezed christianized hard rock (that’s to limited options in covid-era).

And I have Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr. movie) running on the window next to book promotion websites windows.

You have to season the process or it become stagnant.

I know life is frustrating these days for most of us, try season it with little things you enjoy.


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13 thoughts on “Eternal Monotony

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  1. You put the truth very plainly and straight forward. I like that. The process of marketing one’s self is not so different than standing on that cyber corner of life with one thumb out and and one finger in the trigger . You’ve got to be there constantly to get touches and connections to world and universe at large and yet at the same time you’ve got to be able to pull that creative trigger and produce ideas, products,vibes or whatever one is putting out there into the world. Stay strong, be your intelligent, amazing creative self and try not to let the world eat your soul while you thrive in what you love to do

    Liked by 2 people

    1. i couldn’t have said it better. It’s a tricky balancing act you are walking the thing wire all the time (and being judged for that too).
      my soul is too better for the world, they will leave the moment first morsel touches their tongue 🙂.


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