Much needed epiphany

In between anxiety bursts of all shapes and sizes I suddenly had a much needed epiphany.

My mind started playing the roll of last decade in fast-forward only focusing on unfortunate events. Pretty much like movies (like in Lucy)

Imagine it in black and white.

There were some tragedies when I had friends, and some where I had family.

But there was one common person.


Sad, depressed, anxious, battered ME!

I have been the common factor of making it so far.

Now take a moment and do it for yourself.

There were times you lost strength and hope.

There were times had excruciating pain and you felt you can’t breathe.

But you did.

Your heart kept beating.

You kept breathing.

You saw dawn breaking on the horizon through the dark room.

You got up, no matter how hurt you were. You lifted your own spirit. Dusted yourself and kept moving.

This was you all along.

You are the most suited hero of your story!



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