guys i need your help asap

can you please check my contact page? what info is there for email adress and name is there?

its urgent

somebody is seeing her info and she is reporting me everywhere, and i have no clue whats going on. please tell me what do u see on my contact form. this blog is my life i cant lose it.


The info she is concerned about is marked in a rectangle. (tried to conceal her info that she has already shared all over the social media to defame me)

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 10.52.49 AM



seriously this is a joke..

i tried to tell her this is where sender’s info goes (her info) but idk why ..idk..

i suggested she check a few more blogs and contact pages this is how a contact page works. you see your own info as senders info and all i got was “fuck you” “bitch” “you have been reported to police”. idk what she wants.

she even tagged 9 book promo accounts that featured my book, calling me fraud and all.

i hope she learns soon how wordpress and contact forms work.

she is defaming me all over social media.

i’m done for today guys. she will be reading this post if u guys could help explain her please write in comments. its 7. 04 am i haven’t slept and i’m having anxiety attack. pray for me too.

love you guys for always being there for me. the world really is a bad place.

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      1. omg now i see it
        it is going to be her how did i fall for this
        but she is hurling abuses at me. and took screenshot and posted on everywhere on social media..

        of her name and id where her name and id should be..omg!! how did i fall for this


      2. gosh she is here too. probably reading everything. within few minutes she took a screenshot and posted it on twitter fb wordpress, tagged the sites that featured my book.. i m afraid i might end up in a hospital my heatbeat is through the roof. i dont want to name of defame her. thats not me. i just want a clean trouble free life thats all

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      3. i will see what happens tomorow, im gonna pass out right now.
        and my stats are booming, people love filth, wish i had monetised my blog.

        but the funny thing is. anyone who knows what a contract form on wordpress looks like will see it’s sender’s info section. and she has been sharing that screenshot as a proof of a fraud.

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  1. Yes, when I went to your Contact page, my info shows up but as Dorinda said, that’s only because I’m logged in to WordPress. If I were to log out, my info wouldn’t be there. I hope someone explains this to her.

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  2. Some of her friends have tried to point out that she was mistaken. That she was signed into WordPress and it auto filled her contact info into your form. That it doesn’t look like you’re trying to steal her identity. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to hear it and cut ties with many friends on social media. Sorry this happened to you.


      1. She posted about it in a closed FB group and some of us figured out quickly what happened. I saw her tweets to you. Again, I’m sorry. Something isn’t right with her.

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      2. She is really turned things bad on tiwtter for me I’m a published author. She tagged 10 websites that featured my book. Such a horrible thing to do. I’m not sharing her conversation in dm maybe I will later. I explained to her v politely and she kept threatening and abusing me.
        Idk how to fix this situation


  3. Ugh. I’m sorry you’ve been put in that position. I’d think most people are reasonable and they’d recognize what happened and that you’re not at fault.

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    1. i’m surprised at how many random people reached out to me saying the same. they trying to explain it her and were concerned about me. it’s so moving. i think there are more good people than bad people in the world.
      Thanks a lot for reaching out this means a lot to me.


    1. It’s been a tough night. I didnt sleep till 10.30 am or so. And wasn’t feeling well for obvious reason.
      She cut ties with her own friends when they tried to explain. She has been reported by 4 people, including me. I m waiting for Twitter to do something. On wordpress I can control it and you guys know me she really tried to damage my reputation on twitter. I am waiting for thier action on it.
      I dont even need her apology, I just want her to stop defaming me and remove her harassing posts.

      I’m trying to stay calm. It’s hard but I’m trying.


      1. I don’t know. the story we heard was about.a king who got a ring made. he instruction something to be inscribed that will make him sad if he is happy, and make him happy when he is sad. and the goldsmith wrote this.

        that’s what my heard from my grandparents i’m sure other cultures have difference background.

        But the words are true 🙂

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  4. I doubt anyone who matters would take this seriously. For one, she has hardly any Twitter followers and a bunch of numbers at the end of her Twitter handle. Also, her supposed complaint about you is absolutely ridiculous to anyone who knows anything about the internet. And if she actually wanted to do something about it, she could just disable third party cookies rather than having a shit fit on social media.

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  5. As everyone before me, our own info shows on the contact form. You need to find a way to turn her negative press about you into a positive for you. I had a woman who claimed to be a twitter expert tell me twitter couldn’t have set up a second account for me, which they clearly had. When I pointed this out, she labeled me a trouble maker and blocked me. I tried to contact twitter and never received an answer.

    And while sure those above know more about the origin of the phrase to follow. I prefer to think of it as the motto of the constipated: This, too, shall pass. Hang in there.

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    1. I was lucky in that regard 4 5 people reported and Twitter removed all the comments. But 1 week was really hard for me as it was damaging my book and I have literally worked with insane passion on it. It was like somebody tried to lit your home on fire.
      But now it’s sorted. Comments are gone.

      This has passed like kidney stones. But for now its over.

      People suddenly go all hyper without thinking about consequences. I don’t know why can’t their be conversation. Why can’t people just communicate before trying to label anyone anything. I’m sorry this happened. All of it can be traumatizing.

      Hope people learn to grow up.

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    1. Everything is fine now. She stoped the same day when random strangers stood up for me and tried to explain to her but she did nothing to fix it. then we reported her comment on twitter and those were removed by them. Everything is fine now 😊

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