COVID in Family

So, few days back a situation took place in my family.

My sister’s husband tested positive for covid. And she was with us when we found out.

It was nothing short of a storm for a family who was in strict isolation for last 3 months. We felt cheated by fate.

First hard decision was to tell dad. Given his mental health, we were afraid it won’t go well. But there was no way we could hide it.

We told him. His first reaction was “that’s ok, let’s get to work. Isolate her and disinfect as much as we can”. But we know there was a panic stirring up inside him.

In the moments like these if you stand by each other and stay strong you can really work together to deal with things. There were disagreements but that’s where dad’s position in family helped. He lead the situation well.

We moved her to guest room in the basement and called a lab to send someone for test. And then we changed showed, changed sheets sprayed everything with disinfectants.

All the clothes, sheets etc were piled in car porch and spray again. We left it there for few days.

She got tested and after 1-2 days that came out positive.

She didn’t show any symptoms at all. She looked healthier than a lot of negative people.

One reason, she recently had a baby and was eating healthy and taking supplements. We are guessing that has helped.

She has 3 months old baby, she is too small for swab test so we didn’t get her tested, it’s implied she would be positive too.

We placed a table outside her room and we put whatever she asks for there and talk to her on call.

3 of us had flights scheduled, since we weren’t in closed contact with her we went with the plan.

The rest of the family isolated themselves in their own rooms. And would wear masks if they had to get out of the room.

It’s been crazy week but better safe than sorry.

I was tested at Dubai airport, and that came negative.

Rest of the family got tested and they all are negative too. Dad dramatically removed his mask on video call and bro was dancing. And we all were laughing at how crazy it’s been.

So far, my sister hasn’t had any symptoms. She started feeling slight muscle stiffness today, after almost 1 week of catching it.

Moral of the story? The speed this virus is spreading at, it can take 1 little leakage in your quarantine to get whole family in trouble.

Social distancing can save you!

A lot of people still have to go for work they can skip it, but if you maintain social distancing and follow the advised SOPs you can save your family.

My bro-in-law is a doctor he can’t stop going to hospital. He is getting better now.

But take care where you can at least for the sake of your family.

Eat well!! I can’t stress enough. it’s high time we start being kind to our body.

I know I have been binging on carbs like crazy but then there is a ton of healthy stuff I bing on.

And even I’m starting to work on my diet now.

Don’t take anything lightly. It’s a virus, people are catching it and it’s can cost you life or you can end up being a vessel.

People be considerate towards yourself your family and everyone you interact with.



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53 thoughts on “COVID in Family

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  1. I am so sorry! I hope your sister recovers and gets back to full health and strength. It’s certainly looking very hopeful. Do stay safe, and I hope You and your family are okay. Kindest Regards, Adam

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Any news, How she doing? I hope everything is okay. Is her pain easing now?


    1. That’s the scary part. She had no symptoms at all she just started having a little stiffness. We told her to watch her n baby’s symptoms. Video call them often.
      Thanks for prayers and please remember them in prayers.


  2. My father tested positive for covid and even after his 14 day quarantine he’s still positive even though he’s Asymptomatic. It’s a serious situation and he gets really down when he can’t even hug or be near his grandchildren. I hope people truly regard the brevity of this pandemic. It’s nothing to take lightly

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    1. Prayers for your father and res tof the family.
      People are gradually becoming indifferent to the whole situation and some never even believed in how serious this is. It certainly can’t be taken lightly. Take care of yourself.


  3. I am so sorry that this happened to your family. But I am glad everything is fine now. I am happy to hear though that your family stuck together during that time.


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