My Eyyyeeeeessss😭

When you try to fix your blog 160 posts at a time… you better find an organ donor for yourself. This is risky business.

Who knew consistently making a mistake for 3 years will eventually cost you your eyes.. well honestly I shouldn’t have been surprised.

My mistakes took a truck ride and came to hit me with it. I used to add images in the post body because on some devices and some themes you can’t always see featured images.

But you know you reeeeeaaaaalllllyyy need featured images when you have to look into the rubble of 161 faceless posts to find 1 artwork of your own.

So I took the bitter pill for once and started adding featured images from the posts… my fingers feel shorter I have been scrolling for last 24 hours to find art from images from 2017 or so.

But at least I can see what my posts are about. I myself was getting lost.

I m working on the format, theme, settings everything on my blog.

There will be trial and error and learning. If my blog looks broken please bear with me I will fix things 1 by 1.

But for now.. need a fire extinguisher my eyes are hot flames.



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