Upgrade rant!

Four days back I upgraded from free plan to premium plan for $76.8, $6.4, on 20% flash sale.

On average I get 150+ views on a new post per day. I’m doing 2 posts a day, one is reposted from the previous day it’s like 2 bin system.

But guess how much I earned on wordads ??

A whooping 1 cent/day!!

Can you believe that?

Me neither!

After trying everything to produce quality contact, using tags and categories changing the theme, buying a paid plan and trying to interact with as many fellow bloggers as I can possibly do in a day…

I am 3 cents rich insomniac!

Now, I can cancel and ask for a refund in 30 days, which I’m seriously considering.

I know the donate button can help but I haven’t heard anyone actually getting donations. Does that even work?

I don’t see myself getting rich here but at least I was thinking maybe I could shell out the cost of the plan.

Last night I freaked out bad thinking all of this because that’s what I do best..freak out!

Thanks to my friend Migelli Bin Origen for trying to clam me down throughout.

There are like 4 5 ways to monetize it but I’m skeptical tbh.

What’s your experience?

Have anyone of you been able to breakeven the cost of running your blog?

What’s your experience with google ads?

Anything else you tried to monetize your blog?

Is the upgrade even worth it??


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31 thoughts on “Upgrade rant!

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    1. it’s tricky for art. even though i have a disclaimer and a copyright footer I know people still might download images of my art and use them without my consent. there are ways to deal with it like watermark but most of us don’t do that maybe we should.
      you can go for print on demand services I haven’t personally explored that but I will look into it.

      which plan do you have?


  1. I haven’t used Word Ads, but I have used Google Adsense. For CPM ads that pay based on impressions, you need massive traffic to generate any income. I was making a couple of cents per day. For CPC ads that pay based on clicks, you’ll make a larger amount when people click on the ads, but obviously people aren’t going to click on ads that often. If WordAds is like Google, you can’t decide on CPM vs CPC; the mix of what gets served up just depends what ads are bidding to be shown on your site.

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    1. wordads pay u per impression as far as i know. i might try adsense too just for the sake of trying and then if both don’t seem worth it might just remove both. right now just experimenting about what works and what doesnt.


      1. Kya karein, duniya mey shayar ki kya jagah, isiliye padhai bhi karni pdhti thi..studies is done and it is now 1 year since I turned a Professor😂 it sounds hilarious when I tell it to you, God knows why…and alhumdulillah good, been a difficult year but karrayen progress, how about you?I thought of speaking to you the one or two times I was able to make it here, but I knew ke conversation wont progress beyond small talk isiliye waqt ke liye wait karte karte ek saal hee beet gaya

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      2. OMG how long it’s been?? last i checked you were a student. we talked about my dad. how long its really been. this is crazy.
        i got back to jobs but not really good once and then covid happened and I got stuck in pk on an unplanned trip, it wasn’t bad tho got to spend time with family.
        and here you went student to professor .. like devdas needs more beer, whats doing on..

        honestly, I’m so so happy for you. arey just drop a comment yar whenever u are here. it’s always a delight to see you. i barely see old blog friends now so many have left.
        miss you.


      1. i have to add the tipjar
        i have a few things that can help since adsense and wordads both arent really making any sense so far. but might try both just to see how it worked I’m looking at it more like a learning experience now.
        but there’s a lot more you can do besides ads too. with artwork you can look into merch designing, print on demand stuff. haven’t tried that yet.

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    1. Didn’t mean to discourage but you need to have solid reason to make this move. Either you really need more options or space etc or you can earn it back in any way.
      It’s not as bad overall but it has to add some value.
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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