Sound Check – Pacing & Talking

It was supposed to be a video but I was pacing so fast I got dizzy watching it lol.


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17 thoughts on “Sound Check – Pacing & Talking

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  1. Am I listening to your voice?
    I do wish everyone would think about looking after their respiratory track!…and the rest of them!!
    You sound very like a friend of mine named Persis. She lived in London nearby to me, but moved back to Pakistan a few years ago. Loved her so much! She was one of the vivacious fun people I have known!

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      1. Persis lived in Pakistan until she was 25, when she moved to London. She spoke perfect English (she was working here as an Urdu translator). She had a slight American twang, which she said she picked up from watching movies. She was like sunshine to be around. I miss her very much. I also taught her how to swim. When she came to England, she had never been in a swimming pool.

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      2. Persis doesn’t really sound like a Pakistani name, wonder where was she from in Pakistan.
        Yea my own english is cocktail of recently watched movies.
        A friend suggested me translator job some time back. good to know somebody sounding like me has such a bright personality.
        Sounds like you really do miss her 🙂


  2. I’ve never tried to monetize my blog, as it’s just for fun, but I did upgrade to a premium plan for more photo storage space (which I’m almost out of again!). I just pay the fee every year, so it works for me. Good luck with yours!
    Love hearing your voice on here!
    Wishing you to keep safe and well. ❤

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      1. HA, I really didn’t, but not knowing where you are from and not knowing what you are going to hear is interesting.

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