Comatose Pigeon

Nobody told me placing a donate button will be THIS hard!!

Today was the third day and I almost gave up. Every minute of 3 days, I wrang my brain until I could sneeze out every possible scenario.

Then testing the buttons.

And simple payments, a widget you get with a premium plan! don’t even get me started on that after hours on customer support trying to fix it, in the end, it turned out not worth the efforts at all.

And you know what I think?

Talking to customer support is like taking your problems to your parents. They will listen to you, they will solve your problem eventually, they will be there for you..

But you have to go through a sweltering integration room that’s going to make you want to run away because you feel you have done something wrong definitely.

Finally, I placed the donate button on the sidebar along with other stuff because I’m too tired to find a better place.

It’s like hand washing laundry of a family of 20 kids and by the time clothes are dry you are too tired to put them in respective wardrobes.

Am I making any sense? I hope so.

I don’t think any blogging course covers all of this. It would be titled “drive yourself insane” course.

But well.. one step at a time.

One task at a time.

One option at a time

By the end will be a comatose pigeon, but definitely wiser!

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  1. You got it done though, so good job! I spent an entire day from wake to well past bedtime trying to modify code to center something last week! It’s quite satisfying once it’s done but such a pain in the rear while struggling!

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