Analysis! GC#14

We talked about this a few days back. I needed to watch my diet and adopt healthy eating habits and you all shared some really useful tips.

Since analyzing the current situation is the first step of..everything?!?

And knowing myself, I would hate myself if I didn’t feel well-fed

So, I starting tracking my current diet. I’m using the app my plate and this is amazing they have a calorie count of almost everything.

So this is my calorie intake of 3 days.

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 1.48.01 AM

Reality check!

I can easily pull down calorie count since I know better about it now. so if I want to eat a lot I can chew on a celery stick like a rabbit, btw they taste good with lemon juice and a little salt (optional).

Sometimes I am craving for something crunchy, then I can have celery or carrots, it’s weird when I have monotonous work playing something on the side and eating something crunchy doesn’t let me pass out with boredom.

I am using paper cups for portion monitoring.

On my third day, I realized I can actually enjoy what I like using these paper cups.

it took me 3 days to come up with this plan. If at the beginning of the day I add my meals for the whole day, I will know how many calories I can allow myself for snacking.

today I realized I can easily bring my goal to 1200 calories a day, this can be achieved with very slight adjustments. Even 1000 calories won’t be a challenge for me.

here is the list of stuff available to me for snacking

1. Brookside dark chocolate
2. Banana chips
3. Smoked almonds
4. Dark chocolate almond
5. Celery
6. Cucumber
7. Beans
8. Chickpeas
9. Flavored yogurt
10. Strawberries & blueberries
11. A can of mixed fruits
12. Nature’s valley bars

I can play around the portions and won’t be feeling sorry for myself.

Now, here’s something we shouldn’t forget. I normally didn’t have their tendency of gaining a lot of weight it always stayed in the ideal range.

I was on prednisone/steroids for 2.5 years and I gained 20 Kgs on it. Half of it is gone on its own once I was off the medication, took 1 year or so. But for the rest, I will have to work hard.

I might not lose weight on the scale at all. because whenever I start working I start to gain weight but I do look toned

So my goal is to have a healthy lifestyle and feel comfortable with my body.

That’s all for now guys.

Will keep you guys in the loop, who knows I accidentally end up inspiring someone. πŸ™‚


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      1. Indeed, that is the key to success. Being hungry without a backup can lead to over indulging in the wrong type of food.


      1. Not a one. Now you Dubai…ish. Not a haven of many a sandwich. Not none, just not sandwich mecca, Mecca Mecca, just not sandwich mecca… What’s your sandwich favs?

        Oddly corned beef dinner is my favorite, yet corned beef sandwich is not. Hamburger by volume is. But sandwich sandwiches… I also adore cold cuts like a hard salami, sinful by you area standards ham (dried/Black Forest) and bologna… Warm sandwich action is meatballs marinara and an eggplant parmesan all warm with marinara and melted cheese….no diced stoner on Rollie coaster….no human bits…. No Fido flambe….no Kung Pao kitty. The most gorgeous moment sandwich also not gonna pass kosher or Halle, shrimp po’ boy ala Central grocery New Orleans, LA. I wasn’t yet on dialysis so I had to skip the more famous muffaletta as I had to watch sodium intake…olive salad is not known for being lite sodium. Don’t get me wrong, chicken schwarma in warm pita onion lettuce tomato mmmmm


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