High poetry

Clouds under my feet
Sand raining from the sky
Nothing looks normal to me
I will never know why

I sleep with eyes wide open
Shutting them is useless
I laugh to veil sadness
Joy makes me cry

I’m tired skin to bones
Muscles shredding, veins shivering
This poem sounds like a riddle
Not really poetic, I won’t lie

Not every story has to be told
Not every storyteller is that bold
Some live the pain in a closet
With secrets etched in heart, they die

I’m dreaming with eyes open again
I, soaring free into the sky
It’s cold up there but I love it
Reality feels so damn dry

Should I end this outpour here?
Boredom is fatal and I’m not a killer
Parting is far more painful
When we can’t say goodbye

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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