Since I’m too sick to get out of bed, today is THE INTERNET DAY!!!


If you see 20 posts by me, don’t worry. I’m fine.

Today will just blog, read, reply to comments (this one is hard I have lost so many). Watch movies..

or Brooklyn 99.. this is embarrassing I don’t believe I’m binging on a series like that. it’s more like background static for me. I just play it in background while I’m taking care of my endless lists.

I’m on 6th season and I don’t know about a single case. I know the characters’ names tho.


So. how are you all? what’s going on?

hope you all are trying to stay safe. post people here have forgotten we are still in the middle of pandemic and this makes it harder for people like me to not go paranoid.

overall life’s good just that my limps feel like they are going to spring out of my body.

i love to stay busy honestly, when I’m free my brain starts to play weird tricks so better to stay occupied but Gosh my limps 😭


have a nice day guys.

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