Late night rant

Current situation

Anxiety, Meds, Fever, Sweats, Repeat

Root cause

Overestimating my mental and physical capacity

Stressing about things not in my control

Streasing about people who don’t acknowledge my efforts

Taking resposibilites I shouldn’t have in the first place.

Action plan

Stop giving a fuck about things, people and resposibilities, where I know it’s not worth it.

Hitting gym asap.. i need this for my anxiety. Nothing works better


I have constant pain in a vein in my head and im sure am imagining it. Anxiety is so exhausting on every level it drains life out of you. No matter how many times you remind yourself you shouldn’t try to deal with everybody’s problems especially when thwy are ungrateful and manipulative and will never acknoldge you… you still stand up for people..

But its unhealthy. It’s suicidal. You can’t fix everything!

Some people are not worth your time energy words anything! Stop wasting yourself after ungrate bastards!

Rant over!

11 thoughts on “Late night rant

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  1. “Stop wasting yourself after ungrateful bastards” those words are golden! I’ve exhausted myself in the past by ignoring my own feelings in the interest of others who just didn’t give a rat’s butt about how I felt. I think that’s where my anxiety comes from. I didn’t take care about me like I should have. You’ve encouraged me so much this past week and I hope I can encourage you by telling you that taking care of yourself first is the most important action you can do for your own mental health. You deserve to have peace in your life; some people are horribly manipulative. Step away from them and take care of you. Now, I need to take my own advice and step away from someone in my own life who makes me feel exhausted, anxious and depressed. Please take care of yourself-you deserve peace, I have had to convince myself that I deserve peace too.

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    1. I think my anxieties step from thw disappointments i get from people after going to great lenghts for them. Its hard to distance yourself. It can be really painful. Sometimes these relationsships are too strong to let go of and we keep hoping that things will get better. But only we know if it actually will. Our instict tells us when to stop.
      Sometimes it takes something horrible to happen to us to make that one decision and its takes a long time to heal tbh.
      But can we keep exhausting ourselves after a person? Maybe someone else will be happy to get 10% of that attention.
      Step back and look at people who wait for your call or call you to ask if you are ok. You will get the answer.
      Be around people who actually care about you.

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  2. I do agree with you about fight the anxiety by working out. It works with me pretty much and gives me that mental strength to cope with small everyday issues. It teaches you to take care of yourself and put yourself first and how much you’re worth, no matters if it is not acknowledged!

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    1. Thanks for kind words. Sometimes you need validation. Even mildest workout helps coz at the point I was my muscles were starting to hurt already. Couldn’t stress more. Haven’t resumed gym yet, but will soon when I get the signal from my body.
      Thank you 🙂


  3. Nice people do get taken advantage of. However, we are what we are. A little concerned about the vein pain in your head. Please make sure you are hydrating yourself properly with meds and exercise. I agree with you that it’s important to look after yourself. If you just look after your spirit you will be dead, but if you just look after your body is this not also a kind of death? It’s all about balance. You care. Whilst it is true one person cannot change things, one person can make a difference. If I attempt to be closed hearted to people to protect myself I always feel mean. I do it though. Great rant!

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    1. Thanks for concern that’s very kind of you.
      I get this blinking migraine and have meds for it so it’s fine now. I just exhausted myself really bad.
      Thanks for reminding me aboit water i wasn’t really focusing on that.
      I agree with you a 100% on balance part. It’s hard to get it in a day or few days. Life is complicated in these times we have indulged in too much for us. A normal day chores are an endless list. Then when you switch to yourself, you feel guilty and selfish. So I need to work on the balance part.
      Its a double-edges knife either you are too sensitive or you are too mean, people will never be happy.
      Thank you!

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  4. Might just take this one on today ” Stop giving a fuck about things, people and responsibilities”. Preach it!


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