Bathroom Meltdowns

Loneliness whispered to me
There’s nobody watching you
Nobody envying your smile
Nobody smiling at your tears
Nobody mocking your feelings
Not a single soul belittling your fears
So, breathe easy, hun
And it let it be
Loosen that knot in your throat
And set your grudges free
You can be mad, that’s okay
That boiling rage is weakening your heart
Punch something if you want to
Don’t let it burn you inside
I got dizzy and grabbed the sink
When my eyes brimmed and blurred my sight
My tears dragged weight out of me
Like a snake slithering out of its own skin
And I stood there, sobbing
A weightless shell of dry skin
Torrents of memories flowing into the sink
It just took a  whisper from my loneliness
To unbolt a storm of memories
That I concealed with chaos
From the courts of the world.

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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24 thoughts on “Bathroom Meltdowns

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  1. Not an actual stoner…. Hahahahaha. Now to smile at your tears oh wait I already have and laughed as you closeted so I’d not make you soup de jour. 😁. Bah! or baa baa black sheep



    Hope you’ve sold a cup or two books coffees
    Or maybe a couch butt and toffees
    While I’ll smile that truth
    This life we’re in the soup
    I know what treadmill evils are this taffe

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  2. I have had a bathroom meltdown such as this. This was me realizing the desperation of a dying woman that I had become. Since I am 7 years sober on August 6th I would say this was about 7 years, and 2 months ago. I was absolutely beside myself, and I was lost in a world of insanity. I could not control what was coming out. I wanted to be hidden, but I was not. My face showed hours of tears, and years of pain. I am so grateful I am not that person today. Sure I have good cries, and as of recent it was more because of the constraints of what my body can’t do since over coming breast cancer, and the grieving of lost body parts. Great write, it put me right back in that bathroom in Florida. Drenching the floor with all my sorrow.

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    1. I’m sorry this piece reminded you of those times. I can’t imagine, can’t even try to imagine it’s you very personal struggle but I am so happy to see you fight through it and come back as a warrior. Not everyone is as strong.
      And in the end it teaches us something, better days do follow. There is always speck of hope no matter how small it is. And it’s enough to keep us fighting.
      You are that speck of hope here 🙂

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      1. I have a saying that helps me stay very optimistic. “This too shall pass.” A year from now at this very moment, I will not even remember today or the intensity of any feeling that may come my way today. Just like I do remember the brokenness I felt that day, but not as if I were there in it. It only made me better, and was needed to get me to where I am today. Hope is grand! I live for experience, strength, and hope. In others stories of life it can be found, and often times right in my own heart. I look for the miracle moments. We live in an odd time, with a lot of people walking around with anxiety/fear. I chose to keep it simple. I have today, how will I make it my best day. Today I will try for an early morning bike ride before the heat index rises to the point of delirium. I will pray, and stay connected with God. I will soak in all my surroundings. I live in beautiful country. Also even though I don’t like the way my body feels after my cancer surgeries, I am cancer free! That itself gives me so much hope to grab onto. There is much to be grateful for each day if we look for it with an open heart, and mind. Have a rad day today! 😊☀️

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      1. I’m still not in wifi area and phone is not switching to data…but I will get it.
        Thanks for understanding.

        If you want real name used or a link to any other sites that you post your work…please send.

        Thank you.


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