Why is my life like this?

Why why why???

Yesterday I had prepared my home for pest control team to come and do thier job. My whole kitchen is in boxes. Thank God i had help or i would be needing help to type!

I suddenly had too much time in hand. Felt like a miracle. So i challenged myself to q pasyel portrait, the normal way and not my way..

And it got stuck in the middle like i got stuck in the middle of a lunge when tried lunges for the first and last time.

Will you believe me if i tell you I look a very beautiful woman look like Micheal Jackson??

It got very intimidating and I left it at this stage, to fix later..

Rest of the day I was calm..all planned well. Cool cool cool.

Then bam!

Sudden change of plan today!

Actually my friend gave me solid reasons to not get it done now. And i have to dig into like 20 boxes to hunt for stuff i need now!

I think I pulled something in my back.

Half way into the day i went into my drugged auto pilot mode.

It’s hard to explain this phase. You are tired and dying but you want you want to bake a cake because you suddenly want to smell a freshly backed cake..when you are practically dying.

You can call it death wish mode too.

I had food but i wanted to make peri peri chicken.

Btw I follow this recipe, it always turns awesome.


So I called Sam, she was on the same mode. And went on to prepare marinade, narrating the whole thing.. I just got to knoe after 20 years of our friendship, Sam doesn’t like to cook!!

What’s a shocker..i didn’t even know!

20 years!!! I’m deceived!!


Right now I’m so tired i dont even know exactly which part of me is hurting.

And I don’t know what am I doing here.

Thats all for now guys.

Take care

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