Adulting Pains

When you look at a cockroach for too long a point comes you can feel it crawling on you with its whole family its like a family picnic.

I can’t be alone in this.

Digging out stuff you need from 20+ cartons is an annoying spine-hurting treasure hunt.

And guess what I haven’t found yet. My regular pink salt! I use Himalayan salt for cooking.

So I have to use the fancy sea salt that I sprinkle on desserts only.

Cooked, made lists.

And now I’m hurting again, where? I don’t even know.

I’m calling these adulting pain/cramps/spasms.

When one day you have extra work, mostly weekends and then your muscles hurt in a random spots in confusing patterns.

You go like..maybe it’s my kidney..or head.

Maybe I pulled a muscle or this time I’m legit having a heart attack.

And then you try to remember the last meal you had and how many hours you have been sleeping and when was the last time your general blood work/ CBC was done.

You wish you drank more water because dehydration can be really bad for you.

Suddenly your fillings start hurting and you can’t spot which one.

And during COVID you can’t imagine going to a dentist..this one isn’t happening to me thank God but I can exaggerate a little right??

I’m a writer!

Oh being q writer, your incomplete manuscripts haunt you dreams at least ones q weak.

The rest of 6 nights are reserved for embarrassments, failures, relatives and regrets.

At 32, I feel like adult life is one huge clusterfuck (was dying to use this word).

You wake up, try to keep up with existing plans and have to make new ones, every day!

It’s hard to take care of your own mind, body and soul when you have a mountain sitting on your plate.

People say it gets better. You get used to the chaos and with the time you get better with dealing with things. Or uncertainties don’t bother you that much.

That old saying.. what doesn’t kill you makes you strong. Btw its was my Friedrich Nietzsche. And I really like his quotes.

He was a nihilist and have some controversies to his credit that I might look into some time. But I really like his quotes.

Maybe this clusterfuck is making us stronger. I don’t want to guess for what.. don’t want to imagine something worse than what I have already lived.

Well. Let’s close with another quote by him.

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.

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