1 am Thoughts – Part 2!

..Continued from 1 am Thoughts

This is working!

So last night I pulled out the whole train of my thoughts and stretched it straight in a post.

All of it, unfiltered!

And that magically gave me clarity.

There were things I could sort very quickly. Then there were some I started working on. Some were just thoughts.

Progress?? I called dad. Had a long conversation until he had to go to the restroom. I needed this. I needed to talk to him so the missing family part was well taken care of. He is literally my oxygen cylinder when life gets too much for me and I can’t breathe.

I started working on book 2. It’s going to be a long journey right now It’s a big ass dumping ground. But this has started!!

I cooked meals for the next 2 days. Will fix for 1 or 2 more days quickly so that I have more time to work on the book. Poems, cover, artwork, metadata are just a few broad headings and nothing is finalized yet. I need to focus.

I have given up on cockroaches and finally calling professionals to deal with this disaster. I’m done! I admit I’m not a superwoman, running after cockroaches with spray cans is not cook and exhausting.

Silk hair cap fits! It’s here and it fits! Reminds me of a beanie incident when I ordered a beanie ib winters and it got delivers ib summers, months later and my family sam had a good laugh because it was too big for my head, they were like.. you can put ice cubes in it and wear it.


I’m not going to fret over health. When I think I shouldn’t eat, I actually crave more food. Celery is here, that’s half of my problems solved. Filled MyPlate today too. Might go to the gym tomorrow if it’s open. That helps A LOT! or might look for an easy at-home workout. That’s something I need more I guess

I’m a bit fidgety these days. Because honestly so much of 2020 has passed it’s weird. I’m a little scared the whole year will be over soon.

Book reading should be on hold. I need peace for that.

Found another reference photo to complete that portrait. This should help but its low priority.

Ordered and ate nihari, wasn’t the best but I’m not craving anymore.

I shouldn’t be having time to focus on low beeps and random noises from walls! This shouldn’t be a problem! I have actual problems.

Tea tree oil is helping but it should be used with a carrier oil. 1 to 2 drop tea tree oil and 10 to 12 drops of carrier oil, I use argan oil and it is helping with acne. Do a small patch test if you plan to try.

Occasional pacing does wonders for anxiety! Tried and tested several times.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.

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