1 am Thoughts

  1. Maybe calorie control made me sick.

  2. Is it small cockroaches or just that weird feeling you get when you have unshaven legs.

  3. How weird it is to relate to Nick from New Girl, being a girl..

  4. I actually burned my tongue.

  5. What’s the desi clothing trend this time. Instagram is too damn confusing.

  6. Those are filters right?? blurred images?? I can’t see outlines of eyes and where is the nose?
  7. Grocery again. Thanks to no delivery fee service now I can order stuff every day!! Yay noon!!
  8. Noon is the service. Maybe will chk their affiliate thing.
  9. Is stress b supplement kicking in?? Its been a week maybe in less tired…shit! I forgot to eat today!! Even tho I reminded myself and again forgot!
  10. What if COVID is suddenly over and I’m left with nothing. I better work faster.
  11. I have too much material to add to the manuscript and its all scattered
  13. I want nihari. 😔 if things were normal I would be having nihari and tikkas with friends or family.
  14. I miss home. Family. Friends. Zazu..BADLY!
  15. What would they all be doing right now?
  16. This eid is so weird.
  17. My kitchen is packed. And not pack..selective packed!
  18. My moving decision is swinging like a pendulum
  19. What if cockroaches have made their way into my closet.. *shudders*
  20. How many milliliters of pesticide I have ingested so far?
  21. Should I read a book? Unbelievable!! I haven’t read 1 page from a book since I came back!!
  22. Where is this constant low beep coming from?
  23. Should I keep dinner in the fridge or it will survive till morning? It seems to be cold enough.
  24. Am I hungry or thirsty? I should be full either way.
  25. Start MyPlate tomorrow!
  26. Last night pacing helps today I was few grams lighter.
  27. THAT is not possible! That’s not how the human body works!
  28. I really need to start editing 2nd book! And I seriously lack motivation.
  29. Did tea tree oil work or I scratch my pimples?
  30. I really hope silk hair cap works and I’m concerned it won’t stay on through the whole night. This is the last chance for my hair.
  31. I want to see Bolivian salt flats and northern lights.


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