Worn Traditions #writephoto

I was standing on the verge of the same old worn steps that had endured merciless tradition for centuries.

They were crafted by the feet of the women before me, pressured by the society, and the society before that and so on.

They didn’t choose this path. There was always somebody holding the emotional whip behind them like a demonic shadow.

I don’t call it a choice if you are politely asked/informed/warned, “do this, we won’t kill you, we won’t even say anything to you. But we will make sure you will regret not following us every passing minute.”

The abuse is so subtle you don’t even feel it.

It’s slow poisoning.

I don’t call that choice, I call that emotional blackmailing.

It hurt like I’m walking on thorns because I was aware this was wrong for me, but it will make other silent to say the least. Their selfishness would eventually bring doom upon them too, it’s karma, it’s life, and that hurt even more.

Walking a path against your will snatches away any chance of joy you would have if it was actually your decision.

Then you look around the herd of women walking the same bent steps, head bowed and eyes gone so blank they seem to have lost the sense of crying.

Throats dried for not uttering a word for themselves.

Mind numbed as they were raised with iron caps on.

The loyal torchbearers of barbarity.

It’s not a man, or a woman, or a relative. It’s entire system.

The foundations of humanity have been eroding and some fractions of it keeps falling apart but that’s doesn’t budge mindsets. Infact they go extra mile to “protect” the values.

Austerity is etched in DNA.

Imagine raising your head among those herds and a bright spotlight hitting your face, taking a snapshot of your shamelessness and a flaw in your up-bringing.

Most women prefer a life without an identity from the fear of that spotlight and blindly follow the women before them, further deepening the dent.

Noterizing every rule drawn by dear culture, that exists merely to rip them off their basic rights.

Written for Sue Vincent Weekly Write Photo Challenge

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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  1. This is heart touching and a statement that this society is not going in a wrong direction, but is built that way. So many things that could change in this patriarchal norms that women are deliberately suppressed in many places, still, with no voice of their own.

    Beautifully written! 🙂

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  2. There is so much truth in your words: “Emotional blackmailing,” “Abuse so subtle you don’t even feel it,” “Slow poisoning.” Women throughout the ages and throughout so many times and places have had to settle for less simply because of having been born a female. This is so sad. Today, it does appear there is a recognition of women’s rights to exist fully as human beings. Speaking up is the only way to bring about positive change.

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    1. That’s right! It’s high time we start speaking up for ourselves and other women. In my side of world I’m an alien, a rebel when I try to raise my voice again something realy stupid. It’s hard to fight in our culture because people you love and depend on are people carrying the same nonsensical cultural norms. Things are getting better but there’s still long journey to cover to bring women to human level in my society.

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