Brain Train

Aaaaaaa!!! I’m dying..

Those were the last words of my muscles.

I finally put back half of the stuff in the kitchen and pest control guy did a terrible job that I can see and I’m definitely going to complain tomorrow.

So today I was literally standing in my kitchen all day. Moving stuff and cooking.

I tried bagel for the first time today..yea that happened after my friend constantly asking me “how come you never had a bagel” so today I did the honors.

I had it with labneh. Labneh is Turkish yougurt+cream+cheese cross. It tasted good!

And then!

I made rhubarb crumble!

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-09 at 9.08.00 PM

Picture doesn’t look too appetizing but it was my first time cooking anything with rhubarb.

And the first time ever making a crumble, which is surprisingly easy. I have made tarts, cakes, cookies, etc.. and I was amazed how easy it is to put it together.

Not trying to brag..but this was delicious!

I normally watch Jamie Oliver or Laura Vitale recipes, merge ideas from both.

So today was trying new stuff day and there was nothing that would belong to the trash can.

No stomach pains. diarrhea. projectile vomits..nothing. Everything passed calmly through the right tracks.

But the bad part of the day, disappointing part actually.

What’s wrong with the twitter.

I don’t understand. There are posts where I comment and then on the same thread people are socializing and commenting and re-commenting and I barely get a single like.. this is weird.

Maybe you already have to be famous there in the writing community. Or maybe you need to have a hot picture of yourself. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Any suggestion? Or what’s your experience?

Besides that. Had an insanely busy weekend since I’m trying to cook extra so that I can focus more on editing. And my home is upside down actually like this 🥴

Can you believe it almost mid-august?? We are 8 months into 2020 already. Time is sitting on a rocket and then flying.

Crazy crazy crazy.

Feel like suddenly, just like that this year will be over.

I had drafted a post for today but I’m waiting for approval from the person it is about.

There’s so much to do.

So much in the world needs our attention and help, but our little brains don’t let us process beyond our own bubble.

The world is a shit-show already.

A little kindness won’t hurt.

P.s. I think The Umbrella Academy is going to turn into my new obsession any moment. (1)

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10 thoughts on “Brain Train

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  1. Welcome to the bagel world! You will find lots of possible fun toppings like cream cheese, nutella, avocado. 🥑 crumble sounds tasty! I think it takes a while to build a community on Twitter. Your post easily gets swallowed up in the masses. Pinterest works a bit differently I hear..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Idk how eager I’m to get into the bagel world first time I tasted it felt very dry, but I’m sure it’s good with toppings/fillings.

      Crumble was tasty, I have some leftover topping will made it will berries next time, which will be soon.

      Yea twitter is crazy fest. I rarely post there but i do comment of interesting tweets but people seem to ignore them.. 😔 idk. Maybe they reply to famous ones. Maybe i should save the time from there and invest it somewhere else.

      I don’t use pinterest.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi. Mazel Tov on joining the Bagel Eating Universe. I hope your first one was still warm from a bakery. Just be careful: one bagel (usually) equals FIVE pieces of white bread. I had to give them up, but…

    As to Twitter, you are not the only one. I have 2,421 Followers. I rarely get a comment on what I post, even rarer to get a like. I’d say about Ten of that 2,421 have any reaction at all. Some RT, but usually off of a RT that I posted. Yeah, I have no idea how to be “heard.” Kinda sucks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It wasn’t that fresh and warm but I did reheat it before eating. And OMG thats crazy amount of calories, that too carbs!

      Yea apparently you need some special skills to be heard on social media. And yes it does!

      I got your mail and replied 🙂


  3. I’m just starting to cook and would like to try some new recipes, crumble sounds interesting. By the way, I started watching The Umbrella Academy yesterday and I’m already hooked, that isn’t very good taking into account that I need to be productive. Cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Crumbles is really easy, watch Jamie Oliver one’s for reference, more variety.
      Oh I’m already loving the umbrella academy. I started yesterday too.
      You can be productive with that. I gave first episode my full uninterrupted attension the rest I’m watching with rest of my routine.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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