Anger Management

Last night I maxed my weirdo level.

I was super pissed. So I went to the kitchen, made strawberry and blueberry crumble (I’m currently obsessed with crumbles, surprise!!).

So I made it, took a piping hot serving with ice-cream, and dumped myself on a couch.

I have actually kinda fixed a small area for myself on the sofa with cushions, it’s like a section customized to my size on a big sofa. Like a nest.

Well, so I settled in the nest.

Next, I was digging in that bowl, watching a random video where a girl was narrating a true-crime documentary while doing her make-up, in my nest!

That’s what I did when I got pissed.

Later I had too many questions for myself but then I thought maybe I was rewarding myself for tolerating shit in life patiently. Nothing else makes sense.

Oh, I forgot, this whole thing started at 2 30 am and lasted till 4 am!

As long as I’m not running in the streets with a chainsaw, I think I’m winning at anger management. (1)

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