Trashcan Theory

Long ago, in a reader’s digest, I read about trashcan theory for anger management.

Sometimes we have to deal with some people who have nothing good to say and they will hurt you with your word. It’s a temporary but compulsory encounter.

When they start with their bullshit, picture a trashcan on there face or the whole body.

When they start are talking, imagine wrappers falling from their mouth and imagine fumes of stench from their head.

Get creative, use imaginary filters, monochrome or vibrant colors, I make it cartoonish.

This won’t let their bullshit sink into your system. Most times I’m so busy imagining everything I stop listening to them soon into thier shitty drama.

You will know how insignificant their words are to you. And they hold no worth in your life.

I will have to practice this a lot, coming days.

Our minds have a limit, then we break. It’s natural.

Don’t let any worthless person consume your energy.

A lot needs our attention. We, as humans have shit load responsibilities.

Don’t let random assholes consume your energy.

You are important. (1)

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