Extremely Sad

I don’t know how to begin this post. I don’t know which loose end to grab this time.

I’m visiting family (in Karachi, Pakistan) it was a very urgent trip. And then came rain..breaking record of 90 years.

I don’t know anyone who doesnt like rain, its one of the most romantic, calming most lively thing that can happen.

But here it brought absolute devastation

I wish I was exagerating.

A thunderous spell that lasted for few hours left everyone without electricity, mobile network, internet, even homes.

We were lucky one who still had their homes.

Most of the city was flooding with a mixture of rain and sewerage water.

One whole day we were completely disconnected from anyone outside. Thankfully i wasn’t alone, i don’t know what i would do.

But, by the end of the day i was dangerously numb. I could barely hear anything and i don’t know what i was looking at. And i was tearing up every now and then. Jokingly my brother said “it’s time, she needs her next injection”.

It was an embarrassing sight untill I granted myself i full-fledge bathroom meltdown.

I felt I’m just being too sensitive for crying on the condition of my city untill my cousin called and I heard her cry.

She isn’t in Pakistan anymore and where she used to live, nobody could step out.

Walls collapsed, people drowned or got electrocuted, there are casualties everyday I’m horrified to look at tv because a glimpes left me with unsurmountable heartache. Roads have literally vanished from few places.

We are in a safe spot. We still didn’t lose something so far Alhamdolillah.

But when you look at people crossing lakes of filth with their little leftover possessions (sometimes only a blanket) balanced on their heads, you wonder where the fuck is your tax going? What happened to all the donations g0vt. take from literally everywhere!

I know. I have seen curruptipn first hand. We have been a secret tiny hand in the fight against it, we didn’t win tho, obviously.

But what now?

Any slightest help people get are from fellow citizens, organizations or individuals. Most individuals struggle to feed themselves, they have to cut a chunk of their own comforts to help someone else.

We bore the impact of covid because of charity (zakat and sadqa).

Any money given to g0vt. Lands in their own pockets.

This is not how things should be.

This is unfair to everyone.

It was sadly comforting to hear my cousins trembling voice. At least I’m not alone who feels this way.

Last few days have been heavy on the city and everyone.

It’s tragic to see your home falling apart after something that could be benefiting us.

I love my city. I grew up here.

Last few days I have gone from angry to numb to tired and deeply hurt.

I don’t know why I’m whining here but honestly i could do this for days and still feel sad.

We are just waiting for nature to do it’s thing and evaporate rain water.

Maybe I should stop or I will never.

Take care guys. And remember us in prayers.

P.s. sorry for typos and errors.

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30 thoughts on “Extremely Sad

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    1. These are monsoon spells (as per news) it suddenly rains havily woth wind for a few hours a day. Today it didn’t rain but it’s again expected tomrow.
      Idk what would i do by turning back time i knew it will rain and due to covid i knew i will be at home, but i had no idea it will do this to the whole city.

      With so mucb going on across the world i m not surprised this didnt make news.


  1. Sad to hear this went on in Pakistan.
    Yes. When conditions are already vulnerable, because of human hands, the weak are left to deal with the rest.
    I face in my heart the strong desire to conquer the impossible. I’ve never believed in giving up. I do not know what that means in Pakistan. To fight the corruption? To send it fleeing? Is that possible for Pakistani people? I do not know.
    But, those family members of yours… treasure them. They may be the last thing between yourself, and total disaster.
    That person in the water, holding a blanket, might have lost everyone, except that blanket.
    Hold onto what you have. It’s only when you lose it, that you realize its worth.

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    1. Agreed. The weak bears the greatest loss.
      My father was in govt. So we did whenever we could do something. You can’t send curruption fleeing but can do your part when ball lands in your court. You can make decisions that favours the country, not you as an individual.
      I know. I treasure my family. They are my everything.
      That’s exactly what we said, the blanket is probably the last thing qnd of that gets wet they could lose that too.
      I agree, again. Have lost a few irreplaceable loved ones.

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  2. To one of the most cheerful girls I know on the WordPress, please don’t lose hope.Each one of us are fighting our own little battles in places where ever we stay.You are facing the wrath of the nature while others may be embroiled in their own emotional turmoils.To say stay hopeful is easier said than done.But that is the only thing that will make you stay afloat.Stay hopeful not just for yourself but your loved ones too.Take care.Sending you lots of prayers and best wishes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw i thought im depressing. Thanks!

      It hasnt rained in 2 days so we all are breathing better. I agree everyone is just going through too much right now and hope is only thing that will get us through.

      Thanks for kind words 🙂


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