There’s nothing more comforting than late night conversations, especially if it’s with someone who means the world to you.

Spent hours talking to dad jumping subject. Can you believe we completed a subject befote moving on to next? That rarely happens with me.

Well. We talked about future, past, present, mom, grandpa, rest of the family, some major issues, some little sweet memories.. untill we completely lost track of time.

He was up talking for 4 hours after he had taken his night times medicines! But we don’t get this chance often.

We talked about his health. And mental health. With is still a subject we approach carefully. I will be covering more about this some other time.

We talked till 4 15 am, im sure we both will be floating like zombies tomorow. But it’s titally worth it.

The time we have with our parents is worth every second.

Be kind to your parents please. (1)

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8 thoughts on “Grateful

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  1. You have such a blessing to have that time with your father. The clock means nothing when we have those precious, sacred moments. Spend as much time as possible with him. Your blog made me want to go back in time and sit at my mama’s kitchen table, eat her freshly baked cake, sip sweet tea and just talk late into the night. Thank you for reminding me about the sacredness of our parents’ lives, their memories. God’s forever blessings to you and your father.

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    1. Aw those are some adorable memories.
      I try not to revisit moments we have with our mom or my heart could explode, she left too soon…

      But with dad. It just a unique kind of heaven. Its cute and funny. We both are in kitchen most of the times these days and it’s entertaining lol. The way he gossips about kids is hillarious!
      Thank you so much for prayers 😊

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