Colours of Sky

Ever had that moment when you are inside your home and suddenly feel the colour of sky changing.

The light peeking throught windows switched dramatically and I went out to see this…


I was awestruck for few minutes.

Felt a wave of warmth passing through my mind and I smile stretched on my face instantly.

It was far too vivid in real.

In the middle of chaos, sometimes we randomly come across something so beautiful, it temporarily wipes away the trauma and fills our hearts with pure joy.

Thesr are short lived painkillers, but the moments like these are much needed breaks from darkness of reality and make the survival easier.

Have a wonderful day 🙂 (1)

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7 thoughts on “Colours of Sky

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  1. Absolutely beautiful sky! The other morning on my drive to work I saw a beautiful rainbow arching across the early morning sky. It was as if God had decided to give my little world a brilliant gift of color amid the rain. I agree with you-nature’s beauty is a break from the darkness of this life. I think God speaks to us through nature’s beauty.

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