Precious Moments

Remember 6 months back I was blessed with a brand new niece.


She just turned six months old. It was her half birthday.

I can’t believe how fast she grew up.

Just yesterday she felt like a frog or full chicken in my hands.

And now suddenly she is this cute whiny manipulative little cat, who can’t calm down.

Either she will cry, or she will laugh and play. There’s no in between. Sometimes she shows anger too.

Such a priceless feeling to see her grow up but this is happening so fast. I can only imagine how old she will be will I’m here next time.

For some reason sound of a horn makes her smile. If she is out of control all i do is say “peep peep” and she starts smiling.
Nieces are ❤ (1)

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  1. Once we hit January first, I have added the “and a Half” label to my current age. B’day is the last day of June. I wish there nicer sounding “## and a quarter” and “### and three quarters.” Time to change it up.

    Pun intentional.

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