Updates are meant to make your life simpler..on Mars!

Because on plannet earth that has never happened!

Wtf is going on guys? How are you all dealing with new block editor?

And unfortunately its default editor now so i didn’t chose this horror for me.

With 20 million problems, and me barely managing my blog from my phone, this is one more nerve bending problem.

And guess what. This stupid setup placed my tip jar image as featured image wherr i chose not to post an image…making me look like a beggar or something.

I just deleted tweets of a whole month because there was tip jar everywhere. This is not ok.

I have chosen in my setting not to make first image my featured image, because sometimes i dont want an image to be there. Sometimes i was focus to be on text only.

Have anyone of you been able to revert to classic editor yet? Please let me know.

I will figure out once i invent few more minutes in a day. Untill then if any of you have a solution, please share.

And thanks for still being here, I’m just in the middle of a lot. Thank you so much for bearing with me when i honestly can’t respond properly.

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  1. Unless you are copying and pasting ( which I have heard is a nightmare with the new block editor ), you should be able to create a classic block, so when you go to create a new block, just look for classic block and it will bring back the old style editor.

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  2. I’m slowly getting the hang of it but struggle to remember the steps I take. I choose the classic editor block then write the title. Click on the square with the cross in it and upload my image, then ress the return key and type below it. Then I go to the settings button at the top (looks like a cog), it takes you to a block or post age, I choose post, scroll down to categories and tags. Type them in. Then press publish. If I dont want to share my post to Facebook I untick that tab. Finally I post publish again and I get something similar to the classic look……

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  3. Hi. I am write there with you (pun intended). I HATE this new block editor, and getting around it is a roll pain in the wazoo.

    What I’ve done/found out:
    Go to the top LEFT bar that has the WordPress Logo/My Sites. Click.
    Scroll all the way to the bottom, left hand side
    WP Admin: click on that
    Go to Posts; then New.
    The old style of writing posts should be available for you.
    There is supposed to be a way to make that your primary screen, but since you can’t talk to anyone to help walk you through it, you have to deal with the links they send you to. For me, none of them work: I do all the steps, and when I get to a certain point, I don’t have the function available that they are pointing me to.

    Very frustrating.
    I’ve never been a fan of Blogger (even though I still have an account).
    A friend mentioned Weebly. Says it is far better than WordPress.
    I will be checking it out soon. Possibly move Tale Spinning there if it is as user friendly as he says.

    WordPress is leaving a sour taste.

    Hope the above works for you.


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    1. Ahah. I think high time I start proofreading my posts.


      Oh God don’t tell me we have to go to through dashboard to write a new posts. Well done wordpress!

      I think they were leading you to plugin which is only available to business plan. Which i don’t have either.

      I don’t think i will move anywhere anytime soon. I got great readership here. But wordpress needs to stop updating. When i came here it was heaven for writers, plain and simple.

      Now it is leaving a sour taste, indeed.

      Thank you so much for explaining so well. πŸ™‚


  4. The block editor sucks. I tried to work with it at the beginning, but it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    and clunky 😦

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    1. Im not using my laptop these days and this happened and it just keep getting worse. Clunky is the right word. Maybe they were trying to introduce blocks like mailchimp or something but this platform should be kept simple for writers.
      The simpler the better.
      Now it’s just weird. I hope it’s better on laptop.

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