Please stop victim blaming

My head is frozen so I dont think I can string togather words to write in detail.

A news just numbed us today. In Pakistan, a women got raped in front of her kids on the way to some relatives, when her car ran out of feul on the highway.

And an officer blatantly blamed her for “taking the secluded road, driver late night, not checking feul tank…”

May God show him soon what it feels like to be in place of a victim. And the monsters who did this, I wish the absolute worst for them!

People are speaking up on social media and all.

I read a snippet of news and I cant feel ok. Its 5 am I dont think I can sleep.

I have alot going on in my life but this news just froze my brain. I talked to sam we both couldn’t talk abt it. The brutality is unbelievable.

Our culture don’t let normal women live, I have no idea what hell this poor soul will go through. Can’t imagine the trauma..

But can we do one thing?

Can we just stop judging people?

Can we stop blaming people for whatever the unfortunate events happen to them?

Nobody wants to suffer. NOBODY!

I haven’t met one person who is ok with suffering.

Everyone dreams of a happy healthy successful joyous life!

For the love of God stop finding mistakes in them, their past, their behaviors, their personality, whatever their parents did, thier dicisions, just stop doing it.


You do that when you dont want to help the victim or be there for them. When you don’t want to acknowledge their suffering so that you can calm your own conscience.

If you lack ability to be kind. Please be nothing, say nothing and move on!

You don’t have to spit venom on someone who is already charred to bone.

We all do it or have done it on smaller scale. We are humans, we judge. But I realized growing up how wrong this is.

Can we be more carefull with our words and actions?

Can we choose to keep shut if we don’t have anything nicer to say.

I’m gone. My head is just..

Please guys. Just use your words wisely and nicely.

People say 2020 is a mess hoenstly I have seen worse years.

Please have a heart.

When you decide to judge someone or blame them, place yourself in their position for a moment, I’m sure you will stop.

Please be kind. Life’s unfair enough already.

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  1. I have a sleepless night from my own experience from childhood abuse and rap. I wasn’t expecting to read this post. I was looking for something to take my mind of my nightmare, I feel very sick to my stomach and dizzy. I hated it when nobody believed me because I was a child, to read that a mother was rap and the Police blamed her is sickening but this what happens all the time. I pray for her and children to get emotional healing.

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    1. I am so sorry i ended up triggering you. And I’m extremely sorry for what happened, not acknowledging crime and blaming the victim is literally the worst thing ever.
      I can’t imagine your pain, but I’m here whenever you wanna reach out.
      Sending you hugs and prayers.

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      1. Thank you and I really appreciate your post, it is caring, thoughtful and you sound like a genuinely good person. Thank you for your hugs and prayers😊. The triggers wasn’t your fault. I’m physically and emotionally healed. Thank you again

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      1. Thank you, Jenny. I really appreciate your prayers. Unfortunately, these things happen quite a lot. This why have done work with samaritans and organisations that support people are victims who are looking to create a better life for themselves. I’m healed and found forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting the past. I have made a good life for myself and sometimes, I have sleepless because of the nightmare but I’m a trained counsellor and life coach so I have tools that I use to help me and those I support. Thank you again.

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      1. Oh, it sure did. I watched some short news today, and read a few about the news in our country. I promised to be updated, but I still barely watch news. The one you mentioned is actually the worst I heard today :<


  2. Rape is about humiliation, control and domination. It doesn’t matter where the victim was, what the victim was doing, the victim’s age, gender, what the victim was wearing, etc. Elderly women in their own homes in the middle of the night have gotten raped, to just give an example of incidents I have read about here in the USA. Evil is a seed that grows within the human soul. What is your opinion on educational programs that teach young people from the earliest age (4 or 5 years old) that unwanted touching and abuse is never acceptable? Rape has always been an evil part of most all societies but thank God that finally people are talking about it. Blaming the victim is sickening. The message has to be clearly stated that the victim is not to be blamed. The message has to be clearly stated that rape will not be tolerated. That police officer should be promptly fired. How would he have felt if that heinous crime had been committed against someone in his family? May God protect us all from evil and grant us peace.


    1. You are absolutely right. This is the weakest most diagusting thing anyone can do to another human because the damage is so skin deep it never gets erazed. Molestation scars a person forever and nobody goes after the molestor. They start judging the victim I’m getting tired. If I could scream froma rooftop i would, victims are VICTIMS! they didn’t ask for it! They didn’t enjoy it! They are going to suffer forever!
      Sex education is important. And kids need to know noone can touch them without thier consent. I encourage educating kids about thier body and whats ok and what’s now.

      My sis started educating my niece around 5 or 6 i guess and she requested the whole family to cooperate because we were tuning a child to face the world. It was v important. Child molestation is very common and often happens at home, by relatives.
      The kids need to be able to understand and communicate when it happens. I really commend her for this.
      Alot of people are speaking up. There are protests and rapists have been identified. And now there are so many such cases comming to light.
      The officer probably wouldn’t care if it was women of his family they probably will still blame women.
      I want it to happen to HIM!

      Ameen to your prayers.

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  3. Speaking up is the most effective way to change the system. Evil flourishes in darkness. Bringing evil to the light exposes it for what it truly is. I agree that a rape victim will suffer forever (in this life). Rape victims are more likely to suffer from a variety of mental health issues because of the attack-PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. Maybe if society stops victim-blaming these issues will be lessened. Each time a victim is blamed it just further re-victimizes the victim. Victims need love, support and understanding not blame and a further accusation of blame. I absolutely am sickened each time I hear stories of rape victims being blamed. Like you said, victims will forever suffer. Society shames the victim. This has got to stop. Let’s all speak up and demand that all officials worldwide impose the strongest possible penalties to punish the evil vile perpetrators of rape. This is the twenty-first century and this has gone on too long. It has to stop here. God have mercy on us all. I am happy to hear your sister is talking with your niece. She needs to know; all children, male and female need to know that their bodies are sacred and their bodies are theirs and NOBODY has a right to touch them. Nobody.

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