Crying Hangover

Have you over woken up to swollen face and eyes so puffed up you can’t open them and you stay in bed for few hours remembering ..what was I on yesterday?

And then you remember you spent every single minute of the day being a fking cloud!

I don’t remember when I cried like this last time. It was slow drizzle whole day! Like I was Islamabad (it’s Pakistan’s capital and it rains there all the time).


Crazy I couldn’t even remember all the reasons..yea reasonssss

A picture about stages of life triggered the storm, will talk about this in a detailed posts I have flames building up to throw on it.

I was just finding reasons to cry more.

Like, ok this one is sorted how about this next problem. Got my few friends and dad really concerned.

With brain fog, I just ended up blurting out my major problems to dad. Even tho I was scared I am pushing him back towards an episode but I guess this time pain won.

And he agreed and understood every word I said. He didn’t try to fix the problem but he listened, acknowledged and understood. Who knows, maybe one fine day he will move few step more towards solving my crisis. 

But it helped. He had to know.

A point comes you get tired of hiding your wounds. At that point you stop worrying about how people are going to judge you. 

You might look very aloof, indifferent, even heartless to some people.

But you are just done getting hurt.

Once you scream your lungs out, it gets easier to speak up!

The bee-stung face will deflate in few hours. Vision adjusts to world around you within an hours or so. 

You energy level normalizes, just eat and have a lot of water..

This hangover barely takes half a day. 

But you heart feels tons lighter, and I needed that. (1)

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