Random Ramble

I came here earlier and than I expected.

With one close friends’ whole family struck by COVID and other having 2 root canals.. it would be cruel to lean on them emotionally, when they can barely talk.

So I tried to do it on my own as long as I could until I really needed someone and I got help from 3rd friend C, who I actually met here. And surprisingly I was able to function.

End of sept was crippling. This whole phase is too hard.

From September end, when my autoimmune triggered to October end, which has too many unfortunate events to even mention and recall.

So me getting sucked into grey and numbing gloom was inevitable.

But I’m here.

I think maybe we just get better at fighting. Or we are more aware of our battles. Because life ain’t getting easier.

But sometimes I look around and I feel ashamed for even calling my life hard.

When I go through mental health blogs to schedule re-blogs, you guys have no idea how many times I have teared up reading pain behind those words and how many times I was smiling when I read about recovery.

These people have touched my heart and given me hope.

That’s why I share their posts.

Please go to their original posts and read the whole of it, I promise you won’t regret spending your 2 minutes.

I will be writing here too, because… where do I go to ramble?

Last month went without any book sale, which hadn’t happened in a while. I was mentally prepared for that too as I wasn’t doing anything to promote it.

Neither loving it, nor hating it.

And oh. I might have stepped on some ant colony while moving because these moving specs have followed me to new home.

These ants are so tiny I had to look really hard to identify what creature they are.

So, out of cockroach apocalypse into an ant colony! I love my life ❤️

Well that’s all for now.

Take care.


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