A summary of the last six months or so — Behçet’s and Borderline – MHA Reblog

Hello again. It is I, another rando on the Internet. I haven’t been blogging so much recently. What with constant shielding for nearly six months, I haven’t had much to say. Being locked down for so long was a drama. A ton of shit went down over that time, and I don’t feel like anyone […]

A summary of the last six months or so — Behçet’s and Borderline

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  1. Wow, see how you’ve grown? I’ve been following you for, well, a long time now. It’s stunning, you know, looking back from where you were back then and reading you now. You have grown so much, as a person, as a writer.
    In my perspective from the outside peering in at your life and at you, I see you like a diamond. From the moment it is unearthed, you know it’s value but in comparison, it isn’t so very impressive just then, it’s looks like a frickin rock! Lol. But your journey, though jagged at times cutting you deep and cutting away, has revealed the brilliance that laid beneath and exposing your many facets…
    Your journey oft full of grit, abrasive as sand rubbing you down to raw, bleeding emotion….has polished you.
    She now how you sparkle, how you shine?

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    1. Now reading this again lol.

      Yea we have been here for a while now. when I came here I was probably in far worse place but everyday I felt like things are just getting harder, because everyday has been a new struggle towards something.
      After reading your comment I realize overall I have grown tremendously, life just felt harder because I was taking up new challenges whenever I could.

      But all of this would be wasted somewhere else. Here fellow bloggers like you accepted and encouraged me and let me learn and grow without a grain of judgement.

      I’m still pretty demented but I think I’m far more comfortable in my skin now.

      Thank you guys for unconditional support and kindness. ❤️

      You have really made me day 😊

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