That One Sister!

Unpacking, decluttering and organizing are probably most torturous ings of your life. Literally spine-breaking torturous!

You think you have your life put-together, your limps intact and your stuff in the right places until..

You super-woman sister shares pictures of her kitchen!!

Then your life, limps, stuff, and don’t forget your brain starts to fall apart.

I don’t know what’s wrong.

She is definitely cooking for more people than us everyday and her every meals has to be 3 course at least.

Where does she keep all of her ingredients as if her pantry is a magic lamp with a huge genie stuffed inside, somehow.

Like how does she fit in a whole isle of spices in one cabinet??

I think some people are just effortlessly amazing at organizing thing, maybe their animal spirit is Monika (from friends) or an ikea store.

It’s insane!

And these people make us (normal people) look like wild monkeys.

But I must admit when we all were living together, thanks to her super-power, out home looked less of a zoo.

Couldn’t be 100% because we were living there. Once I told Zazu (my friend) “my home is a zoo” and he replied “and you fit in perfectly”.


I wish she was here, I would be easy on pain-killers.

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