Disoriented 🙃

I saw this notification:

Screenshot_20201014-022804_Samsung Notes

My watchlist?

Are you kidding me?

When did I set up that! Oh that was last year, or maybe few months back… can’t remember. And last time I was trading on a demo account my stocks nosedived like this…


I got this notification, when my hands were unpacking another box, my ears were listening to revision lecture (btw I completed 1 course, yay me!).. and my mind was wandering how alive my basil seeds are after 3 4 years, should I give gardening another shot??

Pretty sure I was eating something too..

Then they say I look disoriented.

Heck I AM disoriented!

Everyday I push myself.

Somedas im forced to be kind to myself, because tbh i need a little charging before my battery dies permanently

Other days im giving bees a tough competetion

It’s unhealthy and plain psychotic.

But that noise “you aren’t doing enough” “you haven’t done anything in last 20 minutes” “you are wasting time” etc etc… doesn’t let me rest.

Hence, anxiety and insomnia.. and muscle pain.


But i dont regret it.

Only problem now i can’t engage myself in 1 task it has to be 3 4 tasks at once.

I know I sound crazy

I sound crazy to myself too.

So maybe when someone is talking to me my mind says this is waste of time, im gonna just wander off to imaginary valleys, while YOU listen to it.

tenor (1)

And I end up being one human with all her senses working on different projects.

This is chaos in a bottle!


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