Moving on..

2 days back, late night, I saw my first 1-star and it hit me hard, but only for few minutes.

I read it. Wrote a rant to post here but didn’t publish it, in case I want to get it removed, something I didn’t really want to do but was still an option to deal with it.

I scoured internet for a while and everyone everywhere suggested not to engage in any way, and ignore it.

Tones were different but the crux was the same.

Next morning I posted the rant for 2 reasons; I wanted it on record for my future self, and I wanted to know how my fellow writers feel about it.

I’m glad I did it.

The support I get here is literally one of greatest blessing I have.

People who know stuff AND they care!

That’s a rare breed.

I was over the bad feeling within 30 minutes max, maybe because I have a lot on my mind already so this little issue just slipped off the grey matter.

Next, it was usual busy day + I experimented with new techniques of portrait drawing and I kinda like it.

I am talking to Dad everyday these days, and his favorite subject is death these days (I can understand why).

And kids these days.. my 2.5 year old niece ask my sis “where’s your mama?” And this got to Dad..I mean, perfect timing kid!

I try to say something positive (surprise, I know). Like I keep telling him we have a BIG family and we are still save from unemployment and intense level of covid.

I try to end call on a pleasant note.


There are things we get over like nothing happened, like this one bad review.

And then there are things that break us forever and no matter what we have, nothing can fix us, like people.

Cherish who you have. Your friends, your family, anyone who cares about you, anyone at all. People who care are really hard to find.

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  1. Reviews good or bad have zero personal value.I can count on one hand the amount of times a review has actually helped shape my work. While it’s nice to get positive ones and to be thankful the negative one’s will hurt us.Having work in the public domain makes us vulnerable unfortunately so they happen to everyone eventually.You aren’t alone and the good thing is you now have one more rating which is proof your work is being read 🙂

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  2. Those stars lie…I had the same thing happen to me and it sucked but, like you, I decided that they didn’t know what they were talking about and my stuff (in this case my writing) meant something to me so no star review was a measurement of anything except how stupid and mean some people can be. To hell with the. Keep making beautiful things like you do!

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    1. They weren’t lying before this one (that’s how I consoled myself)
      I wouldn’t mind if they had an explanation, I keep saying that because that would be helpful. but well.. can’t do anything about it. have to just let it go.
      Thank you so much 🙂


        This didn’t go to press and I’ll have a devil in old mail finding the one that did but a few pesky errors in copyediting and n adjustment of the crap introduction at the end of the text because I’m witty…. You’ll see how fort benning Georgia Army base from a path looks which will give you the look in day what’s spooky overgrown at night to walk as with ‘leviathan’ and what I thought worth $450 to make a book which as I said before is 2/3 off other publishing options of that time that I knew.


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